Master of Science (MSc)

*All graduate students are required to take MICI 5400.03: Host Pathogen Interactions and Human Disease in their first year. Students and supervisors may request a one year deferral under special circumstances, for example, students required to upgrade their academic background.

For the minimum time required to complete this program, see the Faculty of Graduate Studies Regulation 1.3.1 in this calendar students typically finish in 2 years. Participation in seminars and advanced topic courses (journal clubs) is required. The course requirements for each MSc candidate normally consist of 9 - 12 credit hours. Specific courses outside the required courses are determined by the supervisory committee normally in consultation with the student. The program must be approved by the departmental Graduate Studies Committee. A research project must be completed, the result of which will be embodied in a thesis. An oral defence of the thesis is required.