Master of Science (MSc) Degree

Full-time Program

The Master of Science in Pharmaceutical Sciences program will normally be completed in two years of full-time study. Candidates must satisfactorily complete PHAR 5001.03: Pharmaceutical Sciences "From Drug Discovery to Therapeutics" and a minimum of two of the elective courses. Candidates will be permitted to select alternative courses with the permission of the Graduate Coordinator and Research Supervisor. In addition, all students will be required to take the Integrated Health Research Training Program ( There will be no credit provided for this seminar series but there will be a notation on the student's transcription following successful completion. Following completion of these courses, the students will complete PHAR 9000.00, their MSc thesis. The program will be structured using a combination of courses and thesis-based research, with a supervisor and supervisory committee overseeing progress. Financial support is available for all students accepted into the program, either from the student's supervisor, funding within and available to the College of Pharmacy, or a combination of these sources.

Part-time Program

The full-time MSc course requirements and thesis regulations apply. The thesis must be supervised by a member of the College of Pharmacy.