Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

For students with an MA in philosophy.

For minimum time required to complete this program, see the Faculty of Graduate Studies regulations. Doctoral students are required to take 18 credit hours including at least four Seminars (see “Course Descriptions” below) beyond the requirements for the MA. The program includes four comprehensive examinations in the second year. Where a student’s thesis research demands it, reading knowledge will be required in one language other than English in which a significant body of philosophical literature exists. Completion of the program requires original research on a project of substantial dimensions, culminating in the submission and oral defence of a thesis. This research should be in an area already well-established as a specialty by members of the department, such as, epistemology, ethics, bioethics, philosophy of mind, feminist philosophy, political and social philosophy, and philosophy of language. Doctoral students are expected to present two papers at Departmental colloquia as part of their program of studies.