Below you will find descriptions for courses offered in this field of study.  You will find a general overview of the topics covered and any prerequisite course(s) or grade requirements, credit value and exclusions.

Some courses are listed as exclusionary to one another.  This means that students may not take both courses as designated.

Not all courses are offered each year.  Please consult the current timetable for this year’s offering.  For further information please contact the department. 

Course Descriptions

The Philosophy Department offers three kinds of graduate courses: General, Seminar, and Directed Study. General courses survey a wide range of topics and are designed to acquaint students with the major theories and developments in a field. They are suitable for those who have not specialized in the field as an undergraduate. Seminar courses, which assume some previous exposure to the subject, are central to the graduate program. Students in the MA program must take a minimum of nine credit hours as part of their total (18 credit hours). Students in the PhD program must take at least 12 credit hours as part of their total (18 credit hours). These Seminars are designed to deepen the student’s understanding of an area by focusing on a specific theme or problem. Directed Study courses are developed jointly by a student and the instructor in special cases to suit individual interests and needs. For example, a student with no previous training in modern symbolic logic would complete a directed study course. This may include attending a course that provides a comprehensive introduction to the subject and completing some additional work. These courses are subject to departmental approval.

NOTE: The courses listed are half-year, unless otherwise indicated, and not all are given in any one year. Instructors in seminar courses are likely to vary from year to year. Consult the department for further information.