Master of Public Administration (MPA)

The MPA is a 54 credit hours graduate program designed for individuals prepared to undertake advanced professional study. Individual programs will vary in content to reflect each student's background and interests, while at the same time recognizing the central principles and functions of public administration.

Course Requirements

The two-year MPA will require the successful completion of 30 credit hours of required courses, 24 credit hours of elective courses. Full-time students are required to complete all eight required courses during the first year of their program prior to being permitted registration in 6000 level courses and MGMT 5000: Management Without Borders: A Foundation Course for Masters Students in Management. Deviations from the program structure might be possible in exceptional circumstances and must be approved by the Program Manager. Part-time students are expected to complete the first eight required MPA courses prior to registering in 6000 level electives and MGMT 5000: Management Without Borders: A Foundation Course for Masters Students in Management. Part-time students should discuss their program of study with the Program Manager.

In the first year, students must take 24 credit hours which are:

  • PUAD 5100.03: Organization Designs for Governance and Public Management
  • PUAD 5120.03: Introduction to Public Policy
  • PUAD 5130.03: Managerial Economics
  • PUAD 5131.03: Public Economics
  • PUAD 5140.03: Quantitative Methods for Public Sector Management
  • PUAD 5170.03: Public Sector Human Resources Management
  • PUAD 5180.03: Research Methods and Policy Analysis
  • PUAD 5250:03: Strategic Financial Management

NOTE:  PUAD 5201 and PUAD 5202 are required courses for entry to the internship (PUAD 6855) which takes place during the Spring/Summer term.  Students will need to register for these courses during their first year of the MPA program.

In the second year, students must take the following required three credit hour courses plus 24 credit hours of electives:

  • MGMT 5000.03: Management Without Borders
  • PUAD 6000.03: Ethics, Public Service and Governance

The remaining 24 credit hours will be electives. Some exemptions in required courses, resulting in either program modification or a reduction of credits, may be granted to well qualified candidates upon application to the Program Manager.

The one-year MPA will require the successful completion of up to 27 credit hours including up to nine credit hours from the 5000-level courses, PUAD 6000.03: Senior Seminar: Ethics, Public Service and Government and five electives.