Centre for the Study of Security and Development

Director: Brian Bow

Established in 1971 the Centre is concerned with teaching, research, publication, policy advice and other professional activities in the various aspects of foreign policy, security studies, development studies, and international politics.

The Centre’s work is concentrated in the areas of Canadian and comparative maritime security and oceans policy, Canadian and American foreign and security policies, and global security and international development. Its geographical specializations include Canada, North America, Europe, and the South (especially Africa, Asia, and the Caribbean). The Centre encourages activities in these areas by Faculty, Research, and Doctoral Fellows, and advances communication among local and international communities in these fields through seminars, workshops conferences and colloquia, often in collaboration with local, national, and/or international organizations. It publishes occasional papers and monographs on Maritime Security, Canadian Defence and Security, and Global Security issues.

The Centre is an integral part of the Department of Political Science. Centre faculty offer classes through the Department in foreign and defence policy, international relations and development, and maritime affairs at both undergraduate (majors and honours) and graduate (MA and PhD) levels. They also supervise masters and doctoral theses in these fields.

For further information, consult the Centre’s website: dal.ca/sites/cssd.html.