Master of Science (MSc)

Master of Science (MSc)

Graduate Programs Description:

The two-year MSc and three to five-year PhD graduate programs in Psychiatry Research equip students with the skills and knowledge needed to succeed as professionals in clinical and neuroscience research concerning mental health and illness. The coursework covers relevant current topics including clinical trials, genetics, neuroimaging, participatory research, psychotherapy research, early interventions, personalized psychiatry, and experiential psychiatry. Students will improve their skills in critical appraisal, study design, statistics, data analysis, and scientific writing. Each student will complete an independent Masters’ thesis research project or Doctoral Dissertation under the supervision of one or more of our faculty.


MSc in Psychiatry Research: 

The MSc in Psychiatry Research program is a two-year Masters’ Degree program with a thesis and a one-year residency requirement.

Students will be required to take two core courses (PSYR 6001 and PSYR 6002; coordinated and led by members of our Department), one elective course related to their area of interest (which may be an independent study course [PSYR 5001] or one of a number of relevant courses offered by other Departments), and a statistics course (PSYR 6003; led by a member of our Department). Students will also be expected to attend weekly rounds and the annual departmental research day (PSYR 8100), and to complete and successfully defend a Masters’ thesis (PSYR 9000).