Certificate in Ocean Data Science

Offered by:  Faculty of Computer Science

Coordinator: Dr. Luis Torgo, ltorgo@dal.ca


The Certificate in Ocean Data Science provides computer science students with an opportunity to specialize their MCS or PhD with an understanding of data and machine learning relevant in the ocean ecosystem. The certificate provides students with the opportunity to understand data relevant to fisheries, aquaculture, logistics, security, defence, ports, marine energy and other ocean industries. At the same time, students learn the fundamentals of machine learning approaches as well as other components of the data science workflow (e.g., data pre-processing, hyperparameter tuning, feature selection), as they apply to data types common in the ocean domain (e.g., streaming sensor data, acoustic data, trajectory data).

Students who complete the certificate will be prepared to:

1) Demonstrate and apply data science and machine learning fundamentals;
2) Understand, use, and manage relevant ocean related data types and structures; and
3) Apply data science and machine learning to problems within the ocean sector.

Admission Requirements / Eligibility:

Students must be registered in the Master of Computer Science (MCS) program or PhD in Computer Science program to be eligible for this certificate.

Certificate Requirements:

Core course requirements:

CSCI 6408.03

Elective Group 1 (Pick 6 credit hours from the following courses):

CSCI 6505.03

CSCI 6515.03

CSCI 6516.03

Elective Group 2 (Pick 3 credit hours from the following courses):

CSCI 6055.03

CSCI 6405.03

CSCI 6406.03

CSCI 6505.03*

CSCI 6514.03

CSCI 6515.03*

CSCI 6516.03*

CSCI 6610.03

CSCI 6612.03

*Only if taken above and beyond the 6 credit hour elective group 1 requirement.

Application of Credit Hours Towards Other Degree Requirements:

Courses completed as part of this certificate may be double-counted towards the requirements of the MCS or PhD degree, subject to approval by the student’s supervisor and graduate coordinator in their primary degree program. Courses not approved to count towards the primary degree requirements will result in additional tuition fees on a per-course fee basis.