Certificate in Information Management and Policy

Offered by:  School of Information Management


Sandra Toze
Suite 4010, Rowe Management Building
6100 University Ave


The Information Management and Policy Certificate will recognize the particular knowledge, behaviours, skills, competencies and attitudes considered critical to working in a broad range of Information Management and Information Policy contexts. The goal of the certificate is to provide students with the foundations of knowledge regarding the foundation of information management within a range of workplaces, as well as the key policy and legislative frameworks required to ensure privacy and security. Managing information, data and knowledge has become central to all organizations. The suite of courses within this Certificate is designed to develop the knowledge, skills and guiding principles to professionally manage information and data as corporate assets.

Admission Requirements / Eligibility:

MI certificates are limited to students enrolled in the Master of Information (MI) program at Dalhousie University. Each of our certificates requires completion of three Elective Courses (9 Credits). During their degree, MI students can choose to complete up to two Certificates. If an elective course is included in one Certificate, it cannot be counted towards another. The electives within the Certificates will count toward both the Certificate and the Degree.

Certificate Requirements:

In order to satisfy the requirements of this certificate, student must complete the following core course:

As well as 2 of the following 4 courses:

Application of Credit Hours Towards Other Degree Requirements:

Courses completed as part of this certificate may be double-counted towards the requirements of a concurrent degree, subject to approval by the student’s supervisor and graduate coordinator in their primary degree program. Courses not approved to count towards the primary degree requirements will result in additional tuition fees on a per-course fee basis.