Certificate in Information Management

Offered by:  School of Information Management


Sandra Toze
Suite 4010, Rowe Management Building
6100 University Ave


The Master of Information Management (MIM) program provides qualified candidates with graduate education which equips them for careers as leaders in the information professions.

Students are introduced to the development and significance of information management wherever it is practiced, to the underlying principles of the profession, and to the techniques of information organization, analysis, retrieval, and use. Each student is challenged to explore and question through a curriculum which attempts to balance professional studies with supervised practical experience and advanced academic study or individual research.

Students earn a Certificate in Information Management after successfully completing 12 credit hours, of which at least 2 credit hours must be part II intensives. 

Admission Requirements / Eligibility:

The Certificate is limited to students currently enrolled in the Master of Information Management (MIM) Program. Admission requirements are equivalent to the Master of Information Management (MIM) program. Current MIM students are automatically eligible to enroll in the certificate.

Certificate Requirements:

Students are eligible to receive the Certificate after successfully completing 12 credit hours (equivalent to three full part I and part II courses) within the Master of Information Management (MIM) program. At least 2 credit hours must be from part II intensives.

Application of Credit Hours Towards Other Degree Requirements:

Courses completed as part of this certificate may be double-counted towards the requirements of a concurrent degree, subject to approval by the student’s supervisor and graduate coordinator in their primary degree program. Courses not approved to count towards the primary degree requirements will result in additional tuition fees on a per-course fee basis.