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Course of Study

First Year Medicine

General Pathology: Pathology in the first year of medicine is combined with Immunology and Microbiology to form an eight week unit (PIM Unit) in the COPS curriculum. The four weeks of pathology teaching deals with understanding of basic responses of cells, tissues and organs to various injurious stimuli with particular emphasis on the role of such responses in the pathogenesis of disease. The subjects covered by the program are: cell injury, inflammatory responses, neoplasia, fluid and hemodynamic derangements. These are presented to the students through: (1) lectures, (2) case discussion in small group tutorial sessions, (3) laboratory sessions.

The course provides students with the basic pathology knowledge necessary to understand pathological changes in diseased organs in the subsequent years.

Second Year Medicine

System Pathology: System Pathology forms a part of the organ oriented units established for the second year. Several members of this Department are actively involved in incorporating laboratory sessions and lectures in various system units.


A program is available, by arrangement, for a limited number of students who wish to have electives and extend their learning in pathology beyond what is presented in the core program of lectures and laboratories, specifically those considering pathology as a future career.

Open Conferences

A number of departmental conferences in the Dr. D. J. Mackenzie Laboratories are available to students. These are scheduled weekly throughout the year and are: surgical pathology, gross autopsy pathology, neuropathology, GI pathology, nephropathology, pulmonary, dermatopathology uropathology, transplant pathology, ear-nose-throat, cytological nervous system, eye, gynaecologic pathology rounds, lecture courses in pathobiology, clinical medical biochemistry.

Residency Training

An integrated University residency training program is available in the Department, meeting the requirements of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada in Anatomical Pathology, Medical Microbiology, General Pathology, Hematologic Pathology and Transfusion Medicine. Participating hospitals are the QEII Health Sciences Centre, the IWK Health Centre for Children, Women and Families, and the Saint John Regional Hospital in Saint John, New Brunswick.


Courses for Dentistry Students

Second Year: A systematic survey of human disease is given with special emphasis on material directly relevant to the practice of Dentistry. The course is described in detail in this calendar in the Faculty of Dentistry section.

Courses for Graduate Students

The Department currently offers both a MSc and a PhD graduate studies program. Please consult the Graduate Studies calendar for course information.