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Pharmacology instruction occurs during the first two years of the MD program, and is integrated throughout cases, lectures, and a lab that constitute the new case based curriculum.

BSc (Medical Sciences) Program

The Department of Pharmacology contributes to the BSc (Medical Sciences) program by offering PHAC 3001.03: Pharmacology I (core) and PHAC 4001.03: Pharmacology II (selective). Additional Advanced Selective courses are being developed.


Opportunities for elective work in pharmacology are open to students. Laboratory research experience can include work during the summer months. Other electives can also be arranged in collaboration with clinical faculty. Elective opportunities are also available via the RIM (Research Medicine) program.

Continuing Medical Education

The Department participates in this program via invited presentations of lectures at various centres in the Maritime Provinces in association with other units.

Residency Training

The Department provides formal and informal training sessions for residents. With approval, training in various research laboratories of the department can be arranged for residents to enhance their research skills.


Courses for Dental Students

Separate Pharmacology courses for dental students (DENT 1117: Pharmacology, DENT 2117: Pharmacology II) are given in the first two years of the Dental program. These are designed to emphasize those drugs most commonly employed by dentists. However, other drugs are also discussed, especially in connection with medical problems their patients may have which are not necessarily associated with their dental problems.

Students in the dental hygiene program receive a separate course of lectures (DH 3007) directed at their requirements.

Graduate Studies

Advanced work leading to the MSc and PhD degrees is offered to both science and medical graduates. The Calendar of the Faculty of Graduate Studies should be consulted.

Courses for Health Students

Students registered in PharmD program receive lectures in a two-semester course providing an introduction to pharmacology, emphasizing basic mechanisms of drug action and principles of drug-receptor interactions, pharmacokinetics, and drug metabolism.  It is designated as PHAC 1471.03 and PHAC 1472.03: Pharmacology for Pharmacy.