Doctor of Dental Surgery Degree Requirements

The Faculty of Dentistry is committed to providing students with a quality educational experience in an up-to-date clinical facility. The Faculty will maintain its strong commitment to providing students with quality instructional opportunities in state-of-the-art facilities, with the extensive and varied patient clinical treatment experiences that have earned graduates a reputation as highly competent practitioners.

Students will be required to complete the following courses (with the exception of "Elective" courses) and progress will be monitored by instructors, course directors and Progress and Promotion Committees.

First Year

Second Year

Third Year

Fourth Year

Policy Statement on Interprofessional Health Education

Students in the Faculties of Dentistry, Health Professions and Medicine are required to participate in interprofessional health education activities. These activities, together with specific program requirements, are currently evolving and in transition and are integrated into the curricula of individual programs. Participation is mandatory. The objective of interprofessional education in the Faculty of Dentistry are to:

  • knowledge and understanding of, and respect for, the expertise, roles and values of other health and human service professionals
  • understanding the concept and practice of patient/client/family-centred care.
  • effective communication, teamwork and leadership skills applied in interprofessional contexts.
  • positive attitudes related to the value of collaborating and teamwork in health and human service contexts.
  • an understanding, from a multi-disciplinary perspective, of the Canadian health and social systems, the legal send regulatory foundation of professional practice, how health and human service institutions are organized and operate, and how different health and human service professions contribute to the systems and ins.