Code of Student Conduct

Background and Purpose

The University occupies a special place in society as an academic community with a responsibility for the discovery and sharing of knowledge in our diverse community. This aspiration can only be fulfilled with a commitment from all members of the University community to a living, learning and working environment that is free of discrimination, harassment and violence and is also characterized by understanding, respect, trust, openness and fairness.

The University takes responsibility to create and promote this environment with the expectation that all members of the University community, including Students, are committed to upholding it.

The University recognizes the complexity of Student life at a post-secondary institution, and understands that Students may have differing experiences and backgrounds. Nevertheless, Students are responsible for their own actions and interactions with others. Students are required to conduct themselves responsibly in accordance with this Code of Student Conduct (“the Code”) and to be individually responsible for their actions whether acting on their own or in a group.

The primary purpose of the Code is to ensure that appropriate Student behaviour is well understood. This includes transparency and consistency in expectations for conduct and an educational and restorative approach to remedies. Punitive approaches may be deemed applicable in some circumstances.

The Code:

  1. Defines Student rights, responsibilities and expectations;
  2. Identifies activities and behaviours that constitute non-academic misconduct;
  3. Ensures transparency, consistency and predictability in policies and procedures;
  4. Identifies the process by which Student non-academic misconduct will be addressed.

For the full Code of Student Conduct please click here.