Combined JD/MI Program

Year 1

  • First year courses of the MI program, plus the non-credit INFO 0590 Practicum (Spring Term)

Year 2

  • First year courses of the JD program

Year 3

MI : two MI courses (one required, one elective)

JD (in total of 23-25 credit hours):

  • LAWS 2062.05: Constitutional Law 
  • LAWS 2311.005: Second Year Moot 
  • LAWS 2321.005: Second Year Moot 
  • LAWS 2361.025: Civil Procedure 
  • LAWS 2362.025: Civil Procedure 
  • 12-14 credit hours of JD courses (inclusive of a major paper course)

Year 4 (in total of 23-25 credit hours)

  • LAWS 2099.02 Legal Profession
  • 21-23 credit hours of JD electives (inclusive of major paper course). 

Students applying for the combined JD/MI program must meet the admission standards for the Schulich School of Law and the School of Information Management.

For further information about this program, contact the MI Program Coordinator, School of Information Management, and/or the Director, Admissions and Career Development, Schulich School of Law.