Aboriginal and Indigenous Law Specialization

Our Aboriginal and Indigenous Law Specialization gives JD students at Schulich School of Law an opportunity to focus on this area and earn a certificate upon graduation. 

Students must complete and return the registration form to AandILaw@dal.ca

Specialization Requirements

To qualify for the certificate, students are required to complete:

Students must also earn an additional 3 credits by successfully completing one or more of our existing Aboriginal or Indigenous law classes. These include:

  • LAWS 2290 Special Topics in Aboriginal Law
  • LAWS 2270 Indigenous Governance
  • LAWS 2289 Indigenous Law as Practice: Applying Mi’kmaq Legal Traditions
  • LAWS 2227 Dealing with the Past: The Indian Residential Schools Settlement
  • LAWS 2206 Kawaskimhon Aboriginal Rights Moot
  • LAWS 2287 Revitalizing Indigenous Feminist Governance

The additional 3 credits may also be satisfied by a major research paper written in a course not listed above as long as it involves serious engagement with an Aboriginal law or Indigenous Law topic and is approved by the TRC Committee.

The approval process involves the student submitting a copy of the paper proposal to AandILaw@dal.ca to obtain pre-approval from the TRC Committee.  Once the paper has been completed a copy of the final paper must be submitted for final approval.  The TRC Committee will determine whether the proposed paper and then the actual paper, have sufficient Aboriginal and Indigenous law content to qualify.