Scholarships, Bursaries, Awards, and Prizes

IMPORTANT NOTE: The University regularly reviews the policy governing undergraduate awards. Consequently, portions of the following statement of policy may be modified or substantially altered and may be implemented during the course of the academic year of this Calendar.

PLEASE NOTE: The University’s scholarships described hereunder are credited to students’ fee accounts automatically. If this should result in an overpayment of fees, the amount in excess will be rebated to the students by the Student Accounts Office about mid-November.

The University reserves the right to publicize the recipients of merit awards.

Faculty of Dentistry

Doctor of Dental Surgery

Entrance Scholarships

Students in the DDS program are considered for scholarships by either of two committees. The Dental Admissions Committee assesses entering students for entrance scholarships. Scholarship applications are not required for entrance scholarship consideration. A supplementary application, however, will be required of those candidates whom the Committee will consider for the McGuigan Scholarship and the Colgate Palmolive Dr. Gordon Nikiforyk Dentistry Admissions Scholarship, which have a financial need component. The Academic Awards Committee considers continuing students for in-course scholarships which are tenable upon entering Second, Third or Fourth Year. No special application is required.

In-Course Scholarships

Students who are repeating an academic year will be ineligible for prizes and awards in that academic year.

In order to be eligible for academic awards whose sole criterion is the academic achievement in the overall curriculum for a given year of a program, normally the student must have completed 80 percent of the scheduled tests/examinations at the time such tests/examinations are scheduled and completed by the class. That is, the student must not have received a formal rescheduling of 20 percent or more of that years’ tests/examinations for any reason.

In order to be eligible for an academic award whose sole criterion is a student’s achievement in a single course, the student must have completed all major course requirements as scheduled in the course outline. Normally, a student will not be eligible for an academic award in a course in which the student received a formal rescheduling of test(s)/examination(s) worth 15 per cent or more towards the final course grade.

School of Dental Hygiene

Students in the Dental Hygiene program must complete at least 80% of the full course load in that academic year to be eligible for prizes and awards.

Dental Hygiene students are eligible to apply to the Dalhousie Undergraduate Bursary Program. The application can be found through DalOnline.

Schulich School of Law

Several entrance scholarships are available to students with superior academic qualifications. Application for the pure scholarships is not required, except for those of the Law Foundation of Nova Scotia, the Arthur Allister MacBain Memorial Scholarship, and the Godsoe Scholarship. Students must enroll at Schulich School of Law in order to receive a scholarship. The entrance scholarship deadline is November 30.

Faculty of Medicine

The Medical Admissions Committee is responsible for the selection of entering scholars. The prescribed application form will be made available by the Admissions and Student Affairs Office, to all accepted applicants. The Scholarships and Awards Committee of the Faculty of Medicine is responsible for the selection of in-course scholars. Applications are made available to students in early August each year.

Scholarships and Bursaries

A variety of scholarships and bursaries are offered to all students who have been offered a place in Medicine. There are varying residence requirements. While selection depends primarily upon scholastic ability, the Admissions Committee may go beyond this in making bursary awards. The deadline to submit entrance scholarship applications will be posted on the Admissions website by the end of June each year.

The awards are made in early October, subject to the acceptance of the applicant by the University for admission to the first year of the medical class in the year of award, and her/his registration as a student at the regular date in August.

Further information bursaries, including applications, is available from the Office of the Dean of Medicine or at the Finance Office. Bursaries are awarded in January.