Civil Engineering

Years 1 and 2 follow the program as outlined in the Faculty of Engineering section of this calendar. In Terms 7 and 8 students will have the opportunity to select technical elective courses based on their specific interests in Civil Engineering.  Students may also choose to complete one of four certificate options available.

Non Co-op Program:

Year Fall   Winter Summer
1 Study Term 1 Study Term 2  FREE
2 Study Term 3 Study Term 4  FREE
3 Study Term 5 Study Term 6 FREE
4 Study Term 7 Study Term 8  


Co-op Program:

Year Fall   Winter Summer
1 Study Term 1 Study Term 2  FREE
2 Study Term 3 Study Term 4  FREE
3 Study Term 5 Study Term 6 Work Term 1
4 Work Term 2 FREE Work Term 3
5 Study Term 7 Study Term 8  


Civil Engineering

Term 5 (Fall)

Term 6 (Winter)

  • CIVL 3200.03: Transportation Engineering
  • CIVL 3310.03: Engineering Hydrology
  • CIVL 3515.03: Structural Systems II-Loads & Behaviour
  • CIVL 3600.03: Sustainability Concepts for Civil and Environmental Engineers
  • CIVL 3725.03: Construction Materials & Methods
  • ENGM 3052.03: Applied Numerical Methods

Term 7 (Fall)

  • CIVL 4111.03: Geotechnical Engineering
  • CIVL 4401.03: Senior Project I
  • CIVL 4515.03: Reinforced Concrete Design
  • CIVL 4811.03: Project Management and Construction Planning
  • Design Elective
  • Technical Elective I

Term 8 (Winter)

  • CIVL 4402.03: Senior Project II
  • CIVL 4840.03: Professional Practice in Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • Technical Elective II
  • Technical Elective III
  • Technical Elective IV

Design Electives:

Technical Electives:


1. Students must take at least one design elective from the list provided.
2. Design electives can be interchanged with technical electives in the fall/winter terms.
3. Any other course, not listed in the technical elective list, requires Departmental approval.
4. Not all technical elective courses will be offered each year.
5. Many courses have pre-requisites (see section IV following). However, if you feel an equivalent course of study has been completed, a waiver of the pre-requisite requirement can be sought from the instructor.
6. Some courses have co-requisites. A co-requisite can also be completed before the course in question (instead of being completed concurrently).
7. One or more graduate courses may be included as technical electives in Term 8; however, permission of the instructor and department is required. Students require a 3.30 cumulative GPA to take a graduate level course. The Graduate Studies Pass Standards will be applied to any student taking a graduate level course.

The Department of Civil and Resource Engineering offers four Certificate options within the Civil Engineering Program.

Please refer to the certificates section of this calendar.