Environmental Engineering
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Environmental Engineering is a rapidly growing discipline within the engineering profession. The program is intended to satisfy the needs of interested students and the environmental industry. The curriculum is designed to train professionals in multidisciplinary approaches to environmentally-based design, waste management, water and soil quality, energy conservation and renewables, and air quality.

Sustainable environmental approaches to production and management systems will continue to be required by industry, government and the consulting sector at the provincial, regional, national and international level. Challenging Environmental Engineering career positions are found in national and international petroleum companies and power utilities, manufacturers of environmental and energy efficient products, environmental consulting companies, provincial and national Government departments such as Natural Resources, Environment, Forestry, Agriculture and Food to name just a few.

Curriculum and course descriptions

For complete course descriptions please see Civil and Resource Engineering.

Co-operative program and schedule

Refer to section Technical Co-op Program, in the Engineering section.


  • Students who have successfully completed first year engineering at a recognized university will be eligible for admission in Year II of the Environmental Engineering program.
  • Students who have completed a first year science program will be considered for admission into Environmental Engineering.
  • Students who have completed two or more years of university studies will be considered for admission on the basis of transfer of credits.