List of Approved ESS Electives

Note: It is the student's responsibility to check the course calendar for pre-requisites to these courses.

College of Sustainability

Any SUST course at 2000-level or above can be taken as an "ESS Elective".


Faculty of Agriculture


AGRI 2000.03: Transition to Organic Agriculture (Online)
AGRI 4001.03: Agriculture, Food and Well-being (Online)


AGRN 2000.03: Organic Field Crop Management (Online)

Applied Science

APSC 4005.03: Watershed Management and Environmental Restoration (Online)

Environmental Sciences - Agriculture

ENVA 2003.03: Introduction to Urban and Peri-Urban Agriculture (Online)
ENVA 3021.03: Ecohydrology (Online)
ENVA 4006.03: Air Climate, and Climate Change (Online)

International Development - Agriculture

IAGR 3002.03: International Rural Development (Online)

Political Science - Agriculture

POLS 2000.03: Global Politics of Agriculture and Conservation

Faculty of Architecture and Planning


PLAN 2010.03: Sustainable Community Design
PLAN 3010.03: Urban Ecology

Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

Canadian Studies

CANA 3020.03: Canadian Cultural Landscapes
CANA 3052.03: Indigenous Social Health and Environmental Issues

Contemporary Studies

CTMP 2206.03: Environmentalism: Origins, Ideals and Critique
CTMP 3210.03: Intersecting Bodies, Selves and Environments

Early Modern Studies

EMSP 2330.03: Nature Imagined: Literature and Science in Early Modern Europe


GERM 3550.03: Germany and the Environment


HIST 2920.03: Environmental History: People and their environments
HIST 3210.03: Canadian Cultural Landscapes
HIST 3370.03: North American Landscapes

History of Science and Technology

HSTC 2209.03: Environmentalism: Origins, Ideals and Critique
HSTC 2210.03: Engineering the Planet: The Anthropocene from pre-history to today's global crisis
HSTC 3212.03: The Biosphere: Global Perspectives in Science and Philosophy

Indigenous Studies

INDG 3052.03: Indigenous Social Health and Environmental Issues

International Development Studies

INTD 3012.03: Sustainability, Development and Economy
INTD 3114.03: Agriculture and Development: How (not) to feed the world
INTD 3302.03: World Cities
INTD 3304.03: Sustainable Development in Cuba


PHIL 2480.03: Environmental Ethics
PHIL 2485.03: Technology and the Environment

Political Science

POLI 3385.03: Politics of the Environment
POLI 3390.03: Politics of Consumption
POLI 3589.03: Politics of the Sea I
POLI 4380.03: Politics of Climate Change
POLI 4590.03: Politics of the Sea II

Sociology and Social Anthropology

SOSA 2101.03: Environment and Culture
SOSA 2402.03: Food and Culture
SOSA 2403.03: Food Activism
SOSA 3052.03: Indigenous Social Health and Environmental Issues
SOSA 3190.03: Social Movements
SOSA 3200.03: Environment and Society

Faculty of Health

Health and Human Performance

HAHP 3000.03: Community Development


Faculty of Management


COMM 2310.03: Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility


MGMT 3702.03: Resource/Environmental Problem-Solving 2: Sustainable Industries
MGMT 4031.03: Economics for Resource and Environmental Management
MGMT 4041.03: Environmental Education
MGMT 4507.03: Environmental Informatics
MGMT 4705.03: Environmental Assessment

Faculty of Science


BIOL 3060.03: Environmental Ecology
BIOL 3061.03: Communities and Ecosystems
BIOL 3063.03: Resource Ecology
BIOL 3065.03: Conservation Biology
BIOL 3601.03: Nature Conservation
BIOL 3623.03: Applied Coastal Ecology
BIOL 3624.03: Urban Freshwater Systems
BIOL 3634.03: Agroforestry
BIOL 4001.03: Environmental Impact Assessment
BIOL 4002.03: The Science of Wetland Ecosystems
BIOL 4065.03: Sustainability and Complexity
BIOL 4160.03: Political Ecology
BIOL 4369.03: Fisheries Oceanography

Earth Sciences

ERTH 3440.03: Geomorphology
ERTH 3500.03: Geoscience Information Management
ERTH 3601.03: Global Biogeochemical Cycles
ERTH 3700.03: Earth Resources, Sustainability and Society
ERTH 3701.03: Fundamentals of Hydrology


ECON 2216.03: Economics of Global Warming
ECON 2850.06: The Science and Economics of Climate Change
ECON 3335.03: Environmental Economics

Environmental Science

ENVS 2310.03: Energy and the Environment
ENVS 3200.03: Introduction to Environmental Law
ENVS 3400.03: Environment and Human Health
ENVS 3501.03: Environmental Problem Solving I
ENVS 3502.03: Environmental Problem Solving II: The Campus as a Living Laboratory (cross-listed with SUST 3502, exclusion with MGMT 3701.03/SUST 3701.03)
ENVS 3601.03: Global Biogeochemical Cycles
ENVS 3624.03: Urban Freshwater Systems
ENVS 3700.03: Earth Resources, Sustainability and Society
ENVS 3701.03: Fundamentals of Hydrology
ENVS 3702.03: Sustainable Industries
ENVS 4001.03: Environmental Impact Assessment
ENVS 4002.03: The Science of Wetland Ecosystems
ENVS 4003.03: Coral Reefs and Environmental Change
ENVS 4004.03: Pathways to Sustainable Energy (cross-listed with SUST 4004.03)


GEOG 2800.03: Climate Change
GEOG 3114.03: Agriculture and Development: How (not) to feed the world
GEOG 3210.03: Canadian Cultural Landscapes
GEOG 3370.03: North American Landscapes
GEOG 3400.03: Human Health and Sustainability
GEOG 3440.03: Geomorphology
GEOG 3500.03: Exploring Geographic Information Systems
GEOG 3700.03: Earth Resources, Sustainability and Society

Marine Biology

MARI 3063.03: Resource Ecology
MARI 3602.03: Introduction to Aquaculture
MARI 3627.03: Biology and Conservation of Sharks, Skates and Rays
MARI 4369.03: Fisheries Oceanography
MARI 4665.03: Hacking the Blue Planet: The Scientific and Social Dimensions of Ocean Fertilization


OCEA 2800.03: Climate Change
OCEA 4000.03: Oceans and Global Change
OCEA 4160.03: Fisheries Oceanography

Physics and Atmospheric Science

PHYC 2310.03: Energy and the Environment
PHYC 2800.03: Climate Change
PHYC 2850.06: The Science and Economics of Climate Change