Faculty of Agriculture
Location: Cumming Hall
62 Cumming Drive
Dalhousie Agricultural Campus
P.O. Box 550
Truro, NS
B2N 5E3
Telephone: (902) 893-6600
Website: www.dal.ca/faculty/agriculture.html
Email: dean.agriculture@dal.ca


The Faculty of Agriculture was established in 1905 as the Nova Scotia Agricultural College and merged with Dalhousie University in 2012.

Students in the Faculty of Agriculture study a range of undergraduate degree programs including animal science, agricultural business, agricultural economics, aquaculture, environmental landscape horticulture, environmental science, integrated environmental management, international food business, plant science and pre-veterinary medicine.

The Faculty offers diploma and technical programs in business management, engineering, managed landscapes, plant science and veterinary technology, as well as a variety of certificate programs.

Dalhousie's beautiful Agricultural Campus, located just outside Truro in Bible Hill, Nova Scotia, is home to the Faculty of Agriculture's more than 950 students. The campus is well equipped with a range of student services, residences, food and athletic facilities, clubs and societies; all of which lend to a rich and personable student experience. Hands-on learning in the classroom, the lab and the field, give students practical experience and prepare them well for careers on a local, national and global scale.

Challenge for Credit

Students registered in a Faculty of Agriculture program who have acquired competency in material covered by a Faculty of Agriculture course may obtain credit for the course by means of a course challenge. A maximum of six credit hours can be accumulated from challenges for credit.


  • Application for challenge for credit is made to the Registrar and a fee of 50% of the course tuition is irrespective of the results of the challenge.
  • The academic department must confirm that the student has a reasonable basis for requesting a challenge, such as previous work experience or educational experience.
  • Normally the challenge will be in the form of a comprehensive examination, but for a course with an accompanying laboratory or project(s) the department may require demonstration of appropriate skills as a prerequisite to, or as a part of, the challenge for credit examination.
  • The challenge for credit examination must be completed and the grade submitted prior to the last date for adding a course for the term in which the particular course is offered.
  • Challenge for credit examinations will be graded as either Pass or Fail. This grade is final and cannot be appealed.
  • No student may challenge for credit a course that appears on their academic record.
  • A student must be in good academic standing to request a challenge for credit.
  • A student may not challenge for credit more than once in any course.

Honours Conversion

Upgrading of BSc (Agriculture) to BSc (Agriculture) Honours, and Updating of BSc (Bioveterinary Science) to BSc (Bioveterinary Science) Honours

A person who holds a Dalhousie BSc (Agriculture) of BSc (Bioveterinary Science) degree may apply through the Registrar's Office, with the appropriate department advisor(s) approval, to an Honours program. On completion of the required work with proper standing, a parchment will be awarded which has the effect of upgrading the degree to Honours status.