Anderson, David 

Senior Associate Deans 

Copeland, Julie (DMNB)

White, Darrell 

Associate Deans  

Denovan-Wright, Eileen, Research 

Haroon, Babar, Postgraduate Medical Education  

Miller, Stephen, Continuing Medical Education and Division of Medical Education  

Orrell, Kevin, Cape Breton Medical Campus (Acting)

Sutton, Evelyn, Undergraduate Medical Education  

Watson-Creed, Gaynor, Serving & Engaging Society  

Assistant Deans  

Atkinson, Paul, Research (DMNB)

Bowes, David, Postgraduate Medical Education  

Clory, Michael, Master of Physician Assistant Studies program

Epstein, Ian, Office of Professional Affairs 

Field, Simon, Undergraduate Medical Education Clerkship  

Gray, Samantha, Office of Professional Affairs (DMNB) 

Loubani, Osama, PreClerkship   

Misha, Anu, Clinical Skills, IPE Lead  

Rideout, Andrea, Admissions  

Rosen, Kirill, Graduate and Post-Doctoral Studies

Sapp, John, Research (Clinical Department)  

Smyth, Daniel, Clerkship (DMNB) 

Stewart, Wendy, PreClerkship (DMNB) 

Sutherland, Lisa, Resident and Student Affairs (DMNB)  

Thomson, Carolyn, Resident Affairs  

Wells, Sarah, Medical Sciences  

Zinck, Sue, Student Affairs  

Academic Director 

Jones, Leah, Academic Director, Black Health   

Young, Brent, Academic Director, Indigenous Health 

Administrative Directors

Bachmann, Olivia, Manager, Master's of Physician Assistant Studies

Barkhouse, Katie, Director, Postgraduate Medical Education 

Barnes, Kelly, Manager, Academic Progress

Bourgeois, Paul, Building Service  

Bremner, Jason, Director, Communications 

Budd, Melissa, Director, Operations (DMNB)

Conrad, Elizabeth, Manager, Alumni Engagement & Donor Relations 

Dillman, Courtney, Director, Human Resources  

Dixon, Megan, Manager, Operations and Policy   

Foster, Deanna,  Manager, Office of Professional Affairs

LeBlanc, Shane, Executive Director, Operations (Acting)

Grant, Bobbie Lee, Director, Finance 

Hall, Tyler, Director, Student and Resident Affairs  

Hildebrand, Barbara, Director, Animal Care   

Hogan, Angela, Manager, Faculty Development (DMNB)

Hulien, Faith, Program Manager, Keknu’tmasiek Welo’ltimk/We 

Idris, Timi, Manager, PLANS

Layton-Crossman, Susan, Chief Operating Office (DMNB)

Lerette, Kenneth, Director, Technology and Facilities (DMNB) 

Leskie, Renea, Director, Student and Resident Affairs (DMNB)

Love, Susan, Manager, Faculty Development  

Newell, Chris, Director, Reporting and Analytics  

O'Hearn, Shawna, Director, Global Health Office 

Pendergast, Noel, Director C3LR  

Penny, Linda, Chief Operating Officer  

Proux, Whitney, Manager, Undergraduate Medical Education (Acting)

Reid, Gillian, Manager, CPD Programs  

Robinson, Mary Ann, Managing Director, Continuing Professional Development   

Skinner, Jennifer, Manager, Research (DMNB)

Smith, Craig, Simulation Project Manager (DMNB)

Taylor, Ian, Director, MedIT  

Weeden, Anne, Director, Special Projects 

Wilms, Kim, Operations Manager, Undergraduate Medical Education (DMNB)

Yeats, Chris, Manager, Accreditation and Special Projects  

Yuill, Cathrine, Executive Director, Advancement 

Faculty Council 

Allen, Victoria 

Burm, Sarah  

Dong, Xianping 

Dutton, Daniel 

El Hiani, Yassine  

Godlewski, Marek 

Jackson, Simon (Chair)

Langille, Morgan 

Marshall, Jean

McDonald, Lori 

Olatunde, Oluwasayo

Rudnick, Abraham 

Ex officio: President, Dean, Associate and Assistant Deans, Faculty Secretary, President of Medical Students' Society, President of PARI-MP, and Graduate Student Society Representative.