Community Health and Epidemiology
Location: Centre for Clinical Research
5790 University Avenue
Halifax, NS
B3H 1V7
Telephone: (902) 494-3860
Fax: (902) 494-1597


Epidemiology is the core science that underpins both public health and evidence-based clinical practice and health policy. Epidemiologic research targets factors that influence the development, mechanism, and outcomes of health conditions. Included among these factors are biological and social determinants of health as well as health services and systems.

Our faculty members are responsible for undergraduate courses offered in the Faculties of Science/Medicine, as part of the BSc Medical Sciences Program. Our faculty members are also engaged in tutoring, teaching, research mentorship, and leadership within the medical school (please see the Faculty of Medicine calendar for more information).

Degree Programs
The Department of Community Health & Epidemiology offers MSc and PhD programs in Epidemiology and Applied Health Research.  Please see the Faculty of Graduate Studies calendar for more information.