Residence Fees

Residence Fees

Residence rates vary depending on the location and style of accommodations available. For up-to-date residence options and rates, please visit All residence rates include dedicated high-speed WiFi and a TV/entertainment streaming package. Rates do not include the non-refundable $50 Residence Application Fee.

It is important to note that traditional residences have a mandatory meal plan; however, there are several options available for students. Traditional residences on the Halifax campuses include: Howe Hall, Risley Hall, Shirreff Hall, Gerard Hall, LeMarchant Place and Mini Res. Traditional residences on the Truro campus include: Chapman House, Fraser House, and Trueman House. Non-traditional residence options on the Halifax campuses include: Glengary Apartments and the Grad House. On the Truro campus, a section of Trueman House is reserved for non-traditional accommodations. Meal plans are not required in non-traditional residences but are recommended. For up-to-date meal plan options and rates, please visit


  • Once offered admission to an academic program of study at Dalhousie, students are eligible to submit a residence application. Application can be made within 2-3 business days of the $200 admission deposit being paid.
  • Students must be registered full-time at Dalhousie to apply to residence.
  • No refund will be made to any resident who is dismissed for misconduct. Discretionary power in exceptional circumstances remains with the Director, Residence Operations, in conjunction with the Director, Residence Life or their designates.
  • All residence students, new and returning, who have received notification of their room assignment, must pay a $500 deposit to confirm their acceptance. The deposit is due within the time frame specified by the Residence Office.
  • $250 of the $500 deposit is refundable if cancellation is received prior to August 1. No refunds are made after August 1.
  • The $500 residence confirmation deposit can be paid by credit card (Mastercard, Visa, Amex) by visiting For more payment options, please visit
  • No residence room will be held based on post-dated or “insufficient fund” cheques.
  • Deposits or fees cannot be deducted from scholarships, fellowships, or similar awards.
  • Residence agreements are for eight-month terms (September-April). Please note, residences close during the December break.

Residence Term

The residence term commences the Saturday prior to Labour Day and ends on the last day of the examination period in in April. Students must vacate the residence 24 hours after their last exam and residences are closed over the December break.

If required, an additional fee is payable by all residents who are registered in a faculty where the academic session commences before or continues after the session of the College of Arts and Science. Special arrangements are to be made with the Residence Office for accommodation for periods prior to or following the session as defined above.

Payment of Residence Fees

Payment may be made in full at registration or in two instalments. The first instalment must be paid in full by the posted September deadline. Interest is assessed weekly at a rate as set by the university and will be charged on all accounts outstanding after that date, and on any second instalment outstanding after the posted January deadline. The student will not be permitted to register for another session until all accounts are paid in full. A student whose account is delinquent for more than 30 days will be denied university privileges including access to transcripts. The student will be reinstated upon payment of the fees outstanding, the arrears interest, and a $50 re-instatement fee. For additional information regarding outstanding or delinquent accounts, please see II. Fees, Section K, or

All residence fees can be paid at the Student Accounts Office, the Student Service Centre (Sexton Campus), or online at

Students should make an appointment as soon as possible with the Assistant Manager of Student Accounts if they are having financial difficulties.

Residence Communications

All residences come with dedicated high-speed WiFi and direct access to dozens of native streaming apps to watch live and OnDemand TV programs.* The cost is included in residence fees. *These services are subject to change.

Find out more:
Email: (Halifax Campus) | (Agricultural Campus)
Phone: 902-494-1054 (Halifax Campus) | 902-893-7519 (Agricultural Campus)