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Students can build skills in specialized areas when they complete a certificate. Although in most cases a student will complete a certificate alongside their regular degree requirements, some certificates do not require concurrent enrolment in an undergraduate program.

Certificates vary in their goals and requirements. Many have a research or practicum component. Some are interdisciplinary, requiring work in more than one department, while others focus on a specialization within a single program. Some Certificates are designed for students enrolled in particular programs, while others are broadly applicable to students in any program.

Certificates are one way that recognizes graduating students have achieved a level of proficiency or specialization in a particular area or subject. Certificates will be recorded on the student's academic transcript and completion of the requirements are confirmed in June and October. Certificates are not conferred during Convocation but are included with any other degree parchment. Certificates awarded as a stand-alone credential are available for pick up from the Registrar's Office. Please refer to the Dates section of the Convocation website for the date your certificate will be available.

To add a certificate program concurrent with a degree, submit the Declare Major/Minor/Certificate form in Dal Online under Admissions.  For stand-alone certificates, submit an Admissions Application and consult the certificate coordinator for advice. A separate application to graduate is required.

A list of Graduate Certificates is listed here, or you can go to the Faculty of Graduate Studies website.