11. Degree Completion

The Faculty of Graduate Studies is responsible for confirming degree completion and determining graduation eligibility for all graduate students.

11.1 Applying to Graduate

Applications to graduate are made through dalonline.dal.ca by December 1 for spring convocation and by July 1 for fall convocation. Dates and information are available on the convocation website. A $50 fee will be charged for applications submitted after the deadline. Applying to graduate is a requirement to graduate.

In the event that a student has applied to graduate but will not graduate, the student must complete the Request to Cancel Application to Graduate. Students must apply to graduate again by the appropriate deadline in order to be included at a later convocation.

11.2 Letter of Confirmation for Completion of Degree

In some instances, students may be required to confirm that all degree requirements have been met, prior to Senate awarding their degrees. A letter to confirm degree requirements can be obtained from the Faculty of Graduate Studies. The Degree Requirements Met Request Form is located on the Faculty of Graduate Studies website.

11.3 Conferring of Degrees

Successful candidates for degrees are invited to appear at convocation. Detailed information regarding upcoming ceremony dates, location, dress, etc. is available on the convocation website.

Convocation ceremonies are held in spring and fall.