13. Departmental and Program Listings

The following entries provide information on the academic units offering graduate-level programming, as well as program requirements for certificates, diplomas, joint and combined degrees, and individual degree programs.

13.1 Academic Unit Entries

Each academic unit entry will have the official approved name used without pre-cursors (e.g. without “Department of”, “School of”, “Faculty of”), and will include the following information:

  • A directory listing providing the address and contact information for the academic unit, including a link to the academic unit’s website.
  • A list of graduate programs offered by the academic unit
  • A brief overview (optional), subject to the limitations described below
  • A list of faculty members engaged in the teaching of graduate courses and/or the direction of graduate research. Faculty members whose major appointments are in other academic units are so indicated. In addition, the names of other researchers in the academic unit and adjunct appointees may be listed. Beside each name there may be a list of keywords indicating the major areas of research expertise and interest of the faculty member.

Academic unit entries will not include specific information regarding individual programs or promotional information better suited to the academic unit's website.

Information regarding the graduate coordinators and administrators for each program within the academic unit must be maintained on the academic unit or associated program’s websites.

13.1.1 Example Overview Entry

Below is the information provided within the academic unit listing.

Programs Offered

Program 1 (MASc, PhD)

Program 2 (MA)


A brief overview describing the academic unit is optional.

13.2 Program Entries

Each program entry will be listed by official program name with the possible degree credentials in parenthesis (e.g. Chemical Engineering (MEng, MASc, PhD), English (MA, PhD), etc.). Each entry will include the following information:

  • An overview including a link to the academic unit entry responsible for delivery of the program, as well as a link to the program's website. The brief overview text (optional) may describe the program field as a whole or general areas of strength for the program. This description should not typically be more than 150 words in length.
  • An entry for each formally approved completion pathway within the program (e.g., thesis option, non-thesis option, formally approved streams, degree levels, etc.).
  • A courses entry which includes the general course definitions page, a table of contents of courses in the associated subject areas for the program, and a courses notes page if needed to provide clarity on the course numbering structure used in the program.  Program requirements must not be listed in the courses entry.

Each completion pathway will be labelled with the degree (e.g., Master of Science, Doctor of Philosophy) with the option or specialization in parenthesis at the end (e.g., Master of Science (Non-Thesis)) or appearing after a hyphen “-“ (e.g.,  Master of Business Administration – Corporate Residency).  

Each completion pathway will include:

  • An overview
  • Admission Requirements
  • Program Requirements

An example template is provided below.

13.2.1 Program Entry --> Overview

Delivered by: _____ {approved name without pre-cursors and link to academic unit listing}

Program Website: _____ {link to website}

13.2.2 Program Entry --> Completion Pathway --> Overview

Program Format

Delivery Format: Primarily In-Person / Blended / Distance
Enrollment Options: Full-time, Part-Time
Standard Duration: _____ months or longer without scheduled breaks

Fee Information

Fee Format: Program Fee / Per-Course Fee, payable each term/payable in the fall and winter (2/3 terms)
Full-time Program Fee Duration: _____ months / _____ years
International Tuition Fee: Payable for up to 2/3 years, based on non-thesis/thesis-option rate {pick one}, Payable based on non-thesis/thesis-option {pick one} rate and credit hours of registration.

Program Overview

A brief program overview will be included. A heading can also be added for accreditation status, if applicable.

Students in this program are also able to complete graduate certificates which recognize specialized knowledge. Available certificates would be listed below:

Grad Certificate
Grad Certificate
Grad Certificate

13.2.3 Program Entry --> Completion Pathway --> Admisson Requirements

Below is the standard text expressing the minimum Faculty of Graduate Studies admission requirements.

General Admission Requirements

All students entering this program must normally satisfy the general requirements for admission to the Faculty of Graduate Studies. These include:

  • Completion of a four-year Bachelor's degree (or equivalent) at a recognized university with a GPA at or above the minimum required by the program
  • If English is an additional language, demonstrate abilities through a language competency test. A student may request this requirement be waived if they completed their degree at a recognized university where the language of instruction is English and English is one of the official languages of the country where their studies were completed.
  • For Doctoral studies, completion of a thesis-based Master's degree or it's equivalent, or meet the requirements for direct admission/transfer into the Doctoral program. {If a PhD program}

Any additional requirements for the degree program will be included using the template below.

Program Admission Requirements

Admission into this program is subject to the following minimum requirements:

  • Minimum GPA of 3.0/4.3 (B average) in the last 60 credit hours (2 years) of study
  • If required, TOEFL iBT scores of at least 92, or IELTS (Academic) scores of at least 7.
  • Interview, prior degree field requirements, submission of additional documents, licensure, etc.

Admission into this program is competitive. Meeting these minimum requirements does not guarantee admission.

Add other content as appropriate.

Additional information on the application process, deadlines and supplementary material requirements can be found on the program's website.

Exceptional Admission and Prior Learning Assessments

The Faculty of Graduate Studies will consider exceptional admission requests when requested by the graduate program. Please contact the program directly if you wish to enquire about exceptional admission or prior learning assessment procedures. Not all programs support exceptional admission requests.

Transferring from Masters to PhD {if a PhD program}

Provide information on requirements to apply to transfer from Master’s to PhD, if applicable.

Direct admission to PhD from a Bachelor's degree {If a PhD program with this option}

Provide information on requirements to apply for direct admission from a Bachelor's degree, if applicable.

13.2.4 Program Entry --> Completion Pathway --> Program Requirements

The template below will be used to outline the course requirements for the degree program.

Course Requirements

Total Credit Hours Required: _____ credit hours

Core Courses ( _____ credit hours)

Core Course 1…2…3..etc (SUBJ ####.0# Title)
Core Course (SUBJ ####.0# Title) {last}

Group 1 Electives ( _____ credit hours selected from the following)

G1 Elective Course 1…2…3..etc (SUBJ ####.0# Title)
G1 Elective Course (SUBJ ####.0# Title) {last}

Group 2 Electives ( _____ credit hours selected from the following)

G1 Elective Course 1…2…3..etc (SUBJ ####.0# Title)
G1 Elective Course (SUBJ ####.0# Title) {last}

General Electives ( _____ credit hours)

Text about general elective limitations (graduate/undergraduate, approval requirements, subject area limitations, etc.) will follow.

Additional Requirements

Requirement 1
Requirement 2
Requirement 3 {last}

Program-level Policies

The following program-level policies apply. For more information, please contact the program directly.

Policy 1
Policy 2
Policy 3 {last}

Course Sequence {optional}

Full-time Students

Term 1: list courses
Term 2: list courses
Term 3: list courses
Term 4: list courses
Term 5: list courses
Term 6: list courses
Term 7: list courses
Term 8: list courses
Term 9: list courses {last}

Part-time Students

Term 1: list courses
Term 2: list courses
Term 3: list courses
Term 4: list courses
Term 5: list courses
Term 6: list courses
Term 7: list courses
Term 8: list courses
Term 9: list courses {last}