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The Department of Classics welcomes students who wish to pursue MA and PhD degrees. Study may focus on the traditional subdisciplines of Greek and Roman Literature and History, as well as on Ancient Philosophy. Alternatively, students may opt to explore Classical culture and its legacy in several other areas of interest distinctively cultivated by members of the Classics faculty, along with colleagues in the Program in Religious Studies and Arabic. Such areas include late-antique, patristic, Byzantine and medieval philosophy, theology and religion.

Greek and Latin are taught at all levels, and competency in both languages is required for theses in the traditional areas of Classical Studies. Students focussing on the intersections of Classical and later thought in the Mediterranean world and the Middle East may, in consultation with the Graduate Coordinator and supervising faculty member, substitute Classical Arabic for either Latin or Greek. Students focussing mainly on Ancient Philosophy, Greek patristics, Byzantine philosophy and theology, Latin patristics, and Latin medieval philosophy and planning to continue their studies or pursue an academic career in these areas may, as appropriate, in consultation with the Graduate Coordinator and supervising faculty member, limit their language study to ancient and Byzantine Greek, or ancient and medieval Latin, or either of these in combination with Arabic. In addition to ancient languages, students are required to conduct research in the most relevant modern languages as well.

MA students may concentrate in any of the above fields. PhD candidates must limit their work to Hellenic and Hellenistic Studies.