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The MA is a thesis-based program, in which you take 15 credit hours of course work, a thesis prospectus, and thesis research. Though the program is designed so that it can be completed in 12 months, students generally complete it over two academic years. Normally you will do all of your course work in the first year and write your thesis during the summer, possibly carrying over into a second year. Most of the seminars are cross-listed with senior undergraduate courses, but include readings and assignments over and above those expected of the undergraduates, and might involve extra meetings.

Program Requirements

Required courses:

MUSC 5000.03 - Research Methods in Music
MUSC 5001.03 - Proseminar in Musicology
MUSC 8000.00 - M. A. Thesis Prospectus
MUSC 9000.00 - M. A. Thesis

Elective courses:

3 graduate level Musicology seminars (9 credit hours)

Additional Requirements:

You are required to have one foreign language, satisfied either through completion of an intermediate-level language course taken at Dalhousie with a minimum grade of B- or by written exam.

If you wish to satisfy the language requirement by exam, you can write your exam in the first week of September (before the beginning of classes) or at the end of April. Contact the Associate Director, Graduate Studies & Research, to schedule your exam: Be sure to specify the language in which you wish to be tested.