Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

Students must complete 12 credit hours of graduate OCEA courses. Of the 12 credit hours, 9 credit hours must be selected from core courses (OCEA 5110.03- OCEA 5140.03) unless previously taken at the undergraduate level (OCEA 4110.03- OCEA 4140.03) with minimum grade of A. OCEA 5001.03 cannot be used towards the 12 credit hour requirements of the PhD degree. Students who previously completed the undergraduate level core courses with the required minimum grade will complete an equivalent number of credit hours of graduate OCEA electives to meet the 12 credit hour degree requirements. Graduate electives from other subject areas may be approved by the graduate coordinator.

Students who have completed core courses or OCEA electives at the graduate level at Dalhousie either as part of a completed Master's or prior to transferring into the PhD may have these courses counted towards their PhD credit hour requirements, reducing the remaining number of courses required in the PhD. Students who have completed comparable content as part of a Master's at another university should contact their supervisor and the graduate coordinator in their first term to discuss possible core course substitutions (advanced standing) or reductions to the required credit hours (advanced placement). 

Additional courses may be required to strengthen a student’s background.

In addition to the above noted course requirements, students must write and defend a proposal for thesis research. Research and completion of a thesis are required.