Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

The PhD program requires two years of full-time residency, and is expected to be completed within four years. Students must take 9 credit hours of core courses in their area of research (selected amongst International Relations, Canadian, and Comparative), and 3 credit hours in a research methods class (POLI 5100.03). The two principal requirements consist of comprehensive examinations in two fields (a major and minor field) and an original thesis. Course work will be required as appropriate to prepare the student for their comprehensive examinations. These examinations will include both written and oral components. Before proceeding to the thesis, a student must present and defend a thesis proposal. Also, reading competence in a second language, usually French, must be demonstrated before the student defends their dissertation proposal. The thesis is written under the direction of a committee comprising of the supervisor and two other members, and may include qualified faculty members from other departments and other universities. The completed thesis is subject to a public, oral defence.