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Certificates are one way to recognize graduating students who have achieved a level of proficiency or specialization in a particular area or subject. Certificates vary in their goals and requirements: many have a research or practicum component, some are interdisciplinary and requiring work in more than one department, while others focus on a specialization within a single program. Some certificates are designed for students enrolled in particular programs, while others are broadly applicable to students in any program (or can be completed independent of another graduate degree at Dalhousie).

Certificates will be recorded on the student's academic transcript and completion of the requirements are confirmed in June and October. Certificates are not conferred during Convocation but are included with any other degree parchment. Certificates awarded as a stand-alone credential are available for pick up from the Registrar's Office. Please refer to the ceremony dates on the Convocation website for the date your certificate will be available.

Students currently enrolled in a graduate degree at Dalhousie who wish to enroll in a certificate must contact the certificate coordinator/department to initiate an application. Additional fees may apply for courses taken as part of the certificate when completed concurrently with a graduate degree. 

Some certificates do not require an applicant to already be enrolled in a graduate degree at Dalhousie. Prospective students looking to apply to these certificates are required to submit an admission application for a graduate certificate and pay the online application fee. Applicants are encouraged to consult the certificate coordinator for advice prior to applying.

Students enrolled concurrently in a graduate certificate and graduate degree are governed by the registration requirements and academic regulations applicable to their primary graduate degree. Students enrolled solely within a graduate certificate are considered per-course fee students for the purposes around registration procedures and FGS regulations. 

A separate application to graduate is required upon completion of the certificate.

For information about specific graduate certificates, please contact the certificate coordinator.