Engineering Mathematics & Internetworking
Location: 5217 Morris Street
Halifax, NS
B3J 1B6
Telephone: (902) 494 6085

Location: 1360 Barrington Street
A Wing, 2nd Floor, Room A208
P.O. Box 15000
Halifax, NS
B3H 4R2
Telephone: (902) 494-1114

Programs Offered

Engineering Mathemathics (MSc, PhD)

Internetworking (MEng)


Our department is united in our passion for applying mathematics to solve problems in other engineering and science disciplines.

The department is committed to fostering a community of learning that is welcoming, inclusive, engaging, and aimed at the highest academic accomplishments. To this end, we affirm that the mental and physical well-being of our community, especially of our students, is of utmost importance. Engineering potential is independent of ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, physical ability, religious beliefs, political views and socio-economic background. We are thus committed to promoting diversity and inclusivity among our students, postdoctoral fellows, instructors, faculty and staff members.