Below you will find descriptions for courses offered in this field of study. You will find a general overview of the topics covered and any prerequisite course(s) or grade requirements, credit value and exclusions.

Some courses are listed as exclusionary to one another. This means that students may not take both courses for academic credit. Graduate courses which have undergraduate exclusions may be co-located (delivered in parallel). Some courses are restricted to enrollment in specific graduate programs, or may require instructor/graduate coordinator permission to register.

Not all courses are offered each year, and offerings may be cancelled in the event of low registration. Please consult the current timetable for this year's offering. For further information, please contact the program.

Course Numbers

The first digit of an ARCH course number indicates whether it is a MArch core course (5), an elective (6), MEDS course (7), Thesis (9), or Co-op (also 9). The second digit indicates the area of study: Design (0), Humanities (1), Technology (2), Professional Practice (3), or Representation (5). Courses have various credit-hour extensions (03–06) that indicate the approximate class hours each week and the appropriate balance of subjects for professional accreditation.

Course Descriptions