Master of Engineering

Program Format

Delivery Format: Primarily In-Person
Enrollment Options: Full-time
Standard Duration: 20 months or longer without scheduled breaks

Fee Information

Fee Format: Per-Course Fee, payable based on registered number of credit hours
International Tuition Fee: Exempt

Program Overview

Internetworking is an area of growing significance and importance in today's world. It is a multidisciplinary area that requires knowledge and skills in the related areas of engineering, communications, mathematics, computer and network architectures, and computer software. It is an industry that draws on interdisciplinary knowledge, requires practical ability, and capitalizes on individual strengths.

The Master of Engineering in Internetworking was introduced in 1997 as the first graduate program in the world dedicated to Internetworking. The Internetworking Program is a specialized course-based graduate degree program that prepares students to enter industry in the field of Internetworking. Students receive a solid theoretical education that delivers the underlying theory of the Internet, how it works, how to design LAN’s, WAN’s, and inter and intra nets. It also covers security, management, and protocols that are used on the Internet. Practical skill development is a key component of this program and is achieved through the intensive laboratory requirements and industry-designed co-curricular training opportunities.

The program is designed to allow students to apply their knowledge and develop hands-on experience in a unique environment where they can analyze, test and integrate their knowledge, concepts, and ideas through interactive learning.

NOTE: Completion of any or all engineering courses offered by the Department does not qualify persons to hold the designation “Professional Engineer” as defined by various Provincial Acts governing the Engineering Profession.