College of Sustainability
Location: Mona Campbell Building
1459 LeMarchant Street
Room 1401
P.O. Box 15000
Halifax, NS
B3H 4R2
Telephone: (902) 494-4581
Fax: (902) 494-8923


The Dalhousie College of Sustainability provides an interdisciplinary forum for collaborative teaching and learning to address global issues in sustainability. A core of cross-appointed Dalhousie teachers are joined by visiting fellows from within the university and from other institutions and advocacy groups to collaborate with students in energetic, problem-based courses and community-based experiential learning opportunities. Teaching is integrated with a broad range of existing Dalhousie degrees and programs, providing a rigorous disciplinary basis for responsive, issues-oriented study. The continual flow of individual students, teachers and community leaders through the College creates an ongoing exchange of ideas, expertise and passions. The College provides a common place at the centre of the Dalhousie community for the study of sustainability-based problems, and hosts an exciting range of public lectures, seminars and other activities.

Degree Programs

The College offers unique transdisciplinary undergraduate programs in Environment, Sustainability and Society (ESS) in the Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Community Design, Bachelor of Management, Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Computer Science, Bachelor of Journalism, and Bachelor of Informatics programs.

  • Bachelor of Arts (BA): Double major or combined honours degree in ESS with any major/honours subject in the Faculty of Arts and Social Science or the Faculty of Science.  ESS can also be a Minor with any BA degree.
  • Bachelor of Science (BSc): Double major or combined honours degree in ESS with any major/honours subject in the Faculty of Science. ESS can also be a Minor with any BSc degree.
  • Bachelor of Management (BMgmt): Major in ESS
  • Bachelor of Community Design (BCD): Double major or honours double major in Community Design and Sustainability
  • Bachelor of Computer Science (BCSc): Minor in ESS
  • Bachelor of Journalism (BJH): Combined honours in Journalism and ESS
  • Bachelor of Informatics (BInf): Major in ESS

Admission Requirements

Admission requirements of the Faculty offering the chosen degree apply. For example, for BSc Double Major, prospective students would be subject to the admission requirements of the Faculty of Science. See Admission Requirements section of the calendar for each Faculty.