Dalhousie University

Dalhousie University blends the finest academic traditions with innovative thinking and outstanding educational opportunities. Located on Canada’s east coast - an area long known for its natural beauty and friendly people - Dalhousie is a warm and welcoming university that attracts students from around the globe.

Dalhousie has been at the heart of Halifax, Nova Scotia - a lively coastal city - for almost 200 years. The university features both a historic, tree-lined urban campus and a rural agricultural campus, located about an hour from the city in Truro/Bible Hill. Dalhousie combines a welcoming atmosphere with the international prestige of a big-name school. With 12 faculties and more than 4,000 classes in over 180 areas of study, the university offers its more than 18,000 students a wealth of choice and innovative degree programs.

Dalhousie encourages student learning through exchange programs, fieldwork, community service and cooperative education. Its collaborative learning environment encourages students to interact with one another and with faculty experts to share ideas and offer new perspectives. A member of the U15, Canada’s elite research-intensive universities, Dalhousie features the culture of a more intimate undergraduate college with the opportunities of a larger research institution.

This collaborative spirit also extends off campus. Dalhousie conducts research in partnership with teaching hospitals, professional organizations, businesses and industry, non-profit agencies and other universities. As Atlantic Canada's leading research university, Dalhousie attracts more than $140 million in research grants and awards annually. The university is a world leader in marine-related research and home to the international Ocean Tracking Network. Dalhousie also offers Canada’s first undergraduate program in Ocean Sciences.

Atlantic Canada's only Faculty of Agriculture, offering programs in areas such as international food business, pre-veterinary medicine and plant sciences, is located at Dalhousie’s Agricultural Campus.

The University of King’s College, situated adjacent to the Dalhousie campus, is an affiliated institution, and its students in arts and science receive Dalhousie degrees in the name of both institutions.

Dalhousie University is a member of the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada, the Association of Atlantic Universities and the Association of Commonwealth Universities.

Executive Officers

President and Vice-Chancellor

Richard Florizone, BSc, MSc (Saskatchewan), PhD (MIT)

Provost and Vice-President, Academic

Carolyn Watters, BSc, MSc, MLS (Western), PhD (TUNS)

Vice-President, Finance and Administration 

Ian Nason, BComm

Vice-President, Advancement

Peter Fardy, BA (Toronto), MBA (Dalhousie)

Vice-President, Research

Martha Crago, BA, MSc (A), PhD

Vice-Provost, Planning

Susan Spence-Wach, MHA

Vice-Provost, Student Affairs

Arig al Shaibah, MPA, PhD

Associate Vice-President, Academic

Fiona A. Black, BEd, MLIS, PhD

Associate Vice-President, Research

Mark Filiaggi, BSc, MASc, PhD

Associate Vice-President, Research

Ian Hill, BSc, PhD (Queen's)

Senior Assistant Vice Provost, Student Affairs

Anne Forrestall, BA, MA

Assistant Vice-Provost, Student Affairs

Verity Turpin, MEC, CPA, CMA

Assistant Vice-President, Ancillary Services

Heather Sutherland, BSc, MEd

Assistant Vice-President, Capital Construction

Peter Coutts, PEng, GSC

Assistant Vice-President, Advancement

Steve Harding, MBA

Assistant Vice-President, Communications and Marketing

Catherine Bagnell Styles, BA, ABC

Assistant Vice-President, Enrolment Management and Registrar (Acting)

Michael McAllister, B.Math (Waterloo), MSc, PhD (British Columbia)

Assistant Vice-President, Facilities Management

Jeffrey W. Lamb, BEng, MEng (Royal Military College)

Assistant Vice-President, Financial Services

Susan Robertson

Assistant Vice-President, Government Relations

Matt Hebb, BA, MA

Assistant Vice-President, Human Resources

Jasmine Walsh, BA, LLB (Dalhousie)

Assistant Vice-President, Industry Relations and Executive Director, ILI

Stephen Hartlen, BComm, MBA

Assistant Vice-President, Information Technology Services

Dwight Fischer, BSc, MSc, EMBA

General Counsel

Karen Crombie, BA (Hon), JD

Assistant General Counsel

John Hope, BA (Hons), LLB (Dalhousie)

University Librarian

Donna Bourne-Tyson, BA, MA, MLIS

Deans of Faculties


David Gray, BSc (Hon), PhD; Dean and Campus Principal

Architecture and Planning

Christine Macy, BA (Arch) (California at Berkeley), MArch (MIT), Reg. Arch. (WA)

Arts and Social Sciences

Frank Harvey, BA, MA, PhD (McGill)

Computer Science

Andrew Rau-Chaplin, BCS (York), MCS, PhD (Carleton)


Thomas Boran, DDS, MEd (Dalhousie)


L. Joshua Leon, BSc, MSc, PhD (Dalhousie), PEng

Graduate Studies

Marty Leonard, BSc (Guelph), MSc (Carleton), PhD (Ottawa)

Health Professions

Alice Aiken, CD, PhD, MSc, BScPT, BSc (Kin)


Camille Cameron, BA, LLB, LLM


Sylvain Charlebois, BComm (Royal Military College), MBA (Research) (UQAM), DBA (Sherbrooke)


David Anderson, MD, FRCPC, FACP


Christopher Moore, BA (Hon), PhD (Cambridge UK)

College of Continuing Education

Andrew Cochrane, BPER, MBA

College of Arts and Science, Provost

Christopher Moore, BA (Hon), PhD (Cambridge UK)

Executive Directors

Centre for Learning and Teaching

Brad Wuetherick, BA, MA

DalAnalytics (Acting)

Donald K. Fiander, BEng

Diversity and Inclusiveness

Norma M. Williams, BA (Dalhousie) MEd (MSVU)

Office of International Relations

Alain Boutet, PhD


Art Gallery

Peter Dykhuis, BFA

Environmental Health and Safety

Jerry Aguinaga, MSc (ohs), CRSP, CHRP

Health Services

Glenn Andrea, MD (Dalhousie)

Human Rights and Equity Services (Acting)

Arig al Shaibah, MPA, PhD

Internal Audit Services

Margaret Sterns, BBA, CA

Sustainability Office

Rochelle Owen, BSc (He-Ed), MES

Board of Governors

The Board of Governors of Dalhousie University is responsible for the overall conduct, management, administration and control of the property, revenue, business and affairs of the university. The basic responsibility of the board is to represent the interests of the university in directing its affairs and to do so within the statutes relating to Dalhousie University. The Board consists of representatives named by the Government of Nova Scotia, Senate, the alumni, and students.


Ms. Anne McLellan

Chancellor Emeriti

Dr. Rueben Cohen
Sir Graham Day
Dr. Richard Goldbloom
Dr. Frederick Fountain


Mr. Lawrence Stordy, Chair, Board of Governors
Ms. Candace Thomas, Vice-Chair
Dr. Richard Florizone, President and Vice-Chancellor


Ms. Sara Austin
Ms. Michelle Awad
Mr. Ian Bezanson
Ms. Joyce Carter
Ms. Cassandra Dorrington
Mr. Wadih Fares
Mr. Jody Forsyth
Ms. Kati George-Jim
Ms. Elaine Gibson
Mr. Robert Hanf
Dr. Kevin Hewitt
Mr. Laurie Jennings
Ms. Courtney Larkin
Mr. Aubrey Palmeter
Ms. Sherry Porter
Ms. Kathleen Reid
Mr. Robert Richardson
Ms. Paula Simon
Mr. Bart Soroka
Dr. Gail Tomblin Murphy
Ms. Michele Williams

University Secretary

Ms. Susan Brousseau

Observer for Faculty Association

Dr. Laurene Rehman, BHK, MA, PhD (Waterloo)
President, Dalhousie Faculty Association


The Senate is the University’s senior academic decision-making body. It is responsible for the approval of new programs and academic units and it manages the reviews of Faculties, Centres and Institutes. Senate approves the granting of degrees and diplomas, including the conferral of Honorary Degrees. It is responsible for setting academic regulations which affect the University as a whole, including regulations governing student conduct and discipline, as well as regulations concerning faculty tenure and promotion.

Senate has 79 members - 3 Executive Officers; namely, Chair of Senate, Vice-Chair (Academic Programs) and Vice-Chair (Student Affairs), 51 elected Faculty representatives, 17 academic administrators (President, Provost and Vice-President Academic, Vice-President, Research, University Librarian, and the Deans of each Faculty), 7 students elected by the Dalhousie Student Union (one of whom shall be a graduate student and one who should represent the Agricultural Campus), and a representative from the University of King’s College.

Senate normally meets on the second Monday of each month from 3:00 - 5:00 pm. In addition, if there are sufficient items of business, Senate will meet on the fourth Monday of the month, from 3:00 - 5:00pm

Chair of Senate

Kevin C. Hewitt, PhD

Vice-Chair (Academic Programs)

Jeff Hoyle, BA (Hon), BA, MSc, BEd, PhD (Dalhousie)

Vice-Chair (Student Affairs)

Katherine Harman, PT, PhD