BA Honours in European Studies

Students must meet the faculty requirements for honours.

Year I

A student would normally take 30 credit hours in the first year, meeting the distribution requirements of the BA. These courses include:

  • a writing requirement course
  • HIST 1004X/Y.06: Introduction to European History, or an equivalent course in a later year
  • a language other than English
  • a social sciences course
  • a natural science course

Notes: Completion of the King’s College Foundation Year Program satisfies the first-year requirements for European Studies, with the exception of the language course and the natural sciences course.

Some students may wish to take another "second language" course in the first year, and postpone one of the other courses until a later year.

Years II to IV

The program consists of a further 90 credit hours including the second year core course and an Honours project. The general requirements for the program are:

  • Courses in two contemporary European languages other than English. One of these languages is studied up to 3000/4000 level (normally six credit hours each year). The minimum requirement for the other language is six credit hours at the first year level, though students are strongly encouraged to take advanced courses in both languages.
  • 66-78 credit hours with significant European content. As this is a multidisciplinary program, no more than 30 credit hours above the 1000 level may be taken from one department. No fewer than 36 credit hours must be taken from two other departments. These may include courses from a language department to fulfill the language requirement, or one of the King’s Honours programs. At least 18 credit hours must be at the 3000 level or above, taken in at least two different departments. Courses taken during a study abroad year will need to be counted in the above mix.
  • EURO 2101.03, EURO 2102.03
  • Students should seek advice from the European Studies Coordinator, who will strive to ensure that courses are included from each of the following areas:
    1. History and Politics:
      Approved ES courses in the departments of History, Political Science, Sociology and Social Anthropology, Economics, Commerce
    2. Literature and Ideas:
      Approved ES courses in the departments of Classics, English, French, German, Italian, Philosophy, Religious Studies, Russian Studies, Spanish
    3. Fine Arts:
      Approved ES courses in the departments of Music, Theatre, and the Program in Film Studies

Approved ES courses in Contemporary Studies, Early Modern History, and Gender and Women's Studies may fit one or more of these groupings. Please consult a European Studies advisor.

In conjunction with the Honours project a fourth year multidisciplinary seminar is required.

  • A term of study in the honours program at a European university, normally in a second-language environment. A summer work term in Europe is encouraged.