Norman Newman Centre for Entrepreneurship
Director: Dr. Ed Leach, BComm (Dalhousie), MBA (Ivey), PhD (Nova Southeastern)
Lead Launch Dal: Dr. Mary Kilfoil
Entrepreneur in Residence: Brian Lowe
Lead Researcher: Dr. Mary Kilfoil
Phone: (902) 494-1816

Dalhousie’s Norman Newman Centre for Entrepreneurship (NNCE) was established as the platform that supports entrepreneurial activity and initiatives across all faculties within Dalhousie and with external stakeholders in the community. Since 2004, we’ve been cultivating and promoting entrepreneurship and innovation through curriculum, workshops, seminars, and competitions so that students, faculty and members of the community can develop the skills and creativity needed to bring ideas to market. We cultivate a pipeline of creators and entrepreneurs for the local and regional economy who have the skills to turn ideas into successful ventures.

The Centre has been successful in building deep connections to the regional innovation ecosystem that transcend the university, government and industry boundaries. We have positioned ourselves as an enabling organization that works with students across the university and builds bridges to the community at large. As we continue this work we have the potential to make a substantive contribution to the University, and specifically strategic priority 3.1.

The NNCE is attached to the Rowe School of Business, within the Faculty of Management, Dalhousie University. NNCE promotes entrepreneurship in its many forms, through innovative curriculum, applied research and collaborative extension work (outreach). Our definition of entrepreneurship is broad and includes the development or growth of enterprises for profit, for social benefit and for sustainability. Our research is field-based and involves working with real ventures, on real projects, using state-of-the-art methodologies. Our extension work is multi-disciplinary and ranges from internships with entrepreneurs to collaborations with other faculties throughout the university.

All of our programs are designed to enhance the student’s entrepreneurial knowledge, skills, and networks. In addition to supporting technology and technical start-ups through mentoring, coaching and training efforts, the NNCE will provide mentoring, coaching and training to entrepreneurial students, create exemplars of technology and technical entrepreneurship through research projects and further expand the relationship with the business community.