Certificate in Intercultural Communication

The Certificate in Intercultural Communication is open to students from any Faculty at Dalhousie, and welcomes both Canadian and International students. It offers the globally-minded student an opportunity to combine academic and experiential learning in order to understand and communicate more effectively with people from cultures different from their own.

Contact Person:         Dr. David T. Matthias
Location:                   McCain 3030
Contact information:   (902) 494-1440   CIC@dal.ca
Website:                    dal.ca/cic

Academic Components

(graduate students may receive advance standing for these components)

  1. One full academic credit focusing on the understanding of culture, chosen from the list below.
  2. Foreign/second language at or beyond the 2000 level or equivalent N.B. This requirement is satisfied:
    1. by taking foreign/second language courses at Dalhousie at the second-year level
    2. if the student is a native speaker of a language other than English and studying at Dal
    3. by non-credit community-based learning of such languages as Mi’kmaq or American Sign Language

N.B. Approval of the advisor is required for those students wishing to satisfy this requirement by options (II) or (III) above.

Extended Experiential Component

  1. Minimum one semester work or study abroad (or at Dalhousie for international students)
  2. Minimum (75 hours) volunteering or working in an intercultural context within Canada

N.B. Students may satisfy this requirement by a blending of work/study abroad for less than one full semester and a local volunteer or work placement. Students wishing to satisfy this requirement by a volunteer or work placement, or a blend of study abroad and work/volunteer placement, need the approval of the advisor.

Theoretical and practical understanding of issues in intercultural communication (three credit hours required: ASSC 3150.03).

Courses satisfying the Academic credit (six credit hours required):

  • CHIN 2052.03/CTMP 2336.03: East Meets West in Popular Culture
  • CHIN 2080.03/EMSP 2450.03: The East is Read: Early Modern Concepts of Asian Thought
  • CTMP 2336.03/CHIN 2052.03: East Meets West in Popular Culture
  • EMSP 2390.03/CHIN 2082.03/CTMP 2102.03/HSTC 2811.03: Asia and the West: Centuries of Dialogue
  • EMSP 2450.03/CHIN 2080.03: The East is Read: Early Modern Conceptions of Asian Thought
  • CHIN 3080.03/ENGL 3087.03: Literature of the Asian Diaspora
  • ENGL 2090.03: Literature, Migration, and Citizenship
  • ENGL 3070.03: 20th Century African-American Novel
  • ENGL 3086.03: Post-Colonial Literature
  • ENGL 3087.03/CHIN 3080.03: Literature of the Asian Diaspora
  • FREN 2021.03: Langue et culture/Language and Culture (specific topics only; check with CIC advisor)
  • FREN 3125.03/INTD 3125.03: The Francophone World
  • FREN 3150.03/INTD 3150.03: Aspects de la francophonie/Aspects of the Francophone World
  • FREN 3175.03/INTD 3175.03: Topical Issues in Francophonie
  • GWST 1015.03: Gender and Diversity
  • GWST 2053.03: Women and Islam
  • GWST 2800.06/SOSA 2190.06: Comparative Perspectives on Gender
  • GERM 3400.03: Germany and Europe: The Cultural Union
  • HIST 2384.03/SPAN 2109.03: Cuba from Colonial Times
  • HIST 2385.03/SPAN 2110.03: Cuban Cultural Revolution
  • HIST 2386.03: Colonial Latin America|
  • HIST 2387.03: Latin America. Since Independence
  • HIST 2425.03: Africa Before 1900
  • HIST 2006.03: Atlantic World 1450-1650
  • HIST 2007.03: Atlantic World 1650-1800
  • HIST 2426.03: Africa Since 1900
  • HIST 2500.03: Cultural Introduction to Arab World
  • HIST 2504.03: A History of the Modern Middle East
  • HIST 3452.03: South Africa Since 1860
  • HIST 3471.03: Wars and Revolutions in Twentieth-Century Africa
  • HIST 4360.03: Slavery & US Political Culture
  • INTD 2001.03: Introduction to Development I
  • INTD 2002.03: Introduction to Development II
  • INTD 2045.03: Indian Society
  • INTD 2106.03: Africa: An Introduction
  • INTD 3125.03/FREN 3125.03: The Francophone World
  • INTD 3150.03/FREN 3150.03: Aspects de la Francophonie/Aspects of the Francophone World
  • INTD 3175.03/FREN 3175.03: Topical Issues in Francophonie
  • IPHE 2201.03: Introduction to Aboriginal People's Health and Healing
  • PHIL 2475.03: Justice in Global Perspective
  • POLI 3315.03: African Politics
  • POLI 3320.03: European Politics
  • POLI 3360.03: Politics in Latin America
  • NURS 2080.03: Social and Cultural Determinants of Health
  • SLWK 3220.03: Cross-Cultural Issues and Social Work Practice
  • SLWK 3160.03: Social Work with Aboriginal Populations
  • SLWK 3245.03: Queer Centred Social Work Practice
  • SLWK 3110.03: Africentric Perspectives in Social Work 
  • SLWK 3120.03: International Social Work
  • SOSA 1000.06: Culture and Society
  • SOSA 1002.03: People and Culture
  • SOSA 1003.03: People and Society
  • SOSA 1050.06: Explorations in Culture and Society
  • SOSA 1100.06: Introduction to Anthropology
  • SOSA 2001.06: Ethnography in a Global Context
  • SOSA 2190.06/GWST 2800.06: Comparative Perspectives on Gender
  • SOSA 2200.06: The Family in Comparative Perspective
  • SOSA 2291.06: Goblins, Ghosts, Gods, Gurus
  • SOSA 2400.06: Health and Illness Across Cultures
  • SOSA 2401.06: Food and Eating Across Cultures
  • SOSA 3014.03: Rethinking Culture and Class
  • SOSA 3091.03: The Sociology of Culture
  • SOSA 3149.03: Childhood in Cross-Cultural Perspective
  • SOSA 3206.03: Ethnicity, Nationalism and Race
  • SOSA 3225.03: Culture, Rights and Power
  • SOSA 3228.03: Belief Systems: Symbol, Myth and Meaning
  • SOSA 3165.03: People and Cultures of the World: Selected Area Studies
  • SOSA 3168.03: Issues in Latin American Society
  • SOSA 3310.03: Indian Society: Change and Continuity
  • SOSA 3185.03: Issues in the Study of Indigenous Peoples of North America
  • SOSA 3002.03: Native Peoples of Canada
  • SPAN 2069.03: Mexico/Central America to 1979
  • SPAN 2070.03: Area Studies on Mexico/Central America
  • SPAN 2090.03: Introduction to Hispanic Literature
  • SPAN 2109.03/HIST 2384.03: Cuba from Colonial Times to 1961
  • SPAN 2150.03: Hispanic Identities through Film
  • SPAN 2110.03/HIST 2385.03: Cuba in Revolution, 1961-the Present
  • SPAN 2200.03: Latin America: From the Maya to the 21st Century
  • SPAN 3215.03: Seminar in Spanish American Women Writers
  • SPAN 3510.03: Contemporary Spanish American Literature
  • SPAN 3515.03: Introduction to Latin American Literature