Certificate in Sustainable Development

This certificate program is designed for senior undergraduate university students or graduate students who are interested in the research and practices in sustainable development. Building on the context of industrialization and globalization, as well as its related environmental and social problems, this program particularly focuses on viable business strategies, community development, and economic development policies at national and regional levels. The program will be offered through flexible in-class/online settings to study the principles and practice of sustainable development. To supplement the required courses, another program feature is a 10-day study tour in Beijing (optional course) with a focus on issues that are particularly relevant to developing and emerging economies.

Admission and academic standing requirements:

  • 3rd or 4th year undergraduate students who are registered in Dalhousie University Faculty of Agriculture (DAL-AC) with good academic standing.
  • lnterested individuals who meet the prerequisites for the required courses and DAL-AC general registration requirements.
  • ln light of the collaboration between Beijing Normal University and DAL-AC, the 1st year graduate students registered in School of Government, Beijing Normal University (BNUSG) with good academic standing is also eligible. To take this certificate program, BNU students also need to register in DAL-AC. BNU will make the courses of this program as part of the curriculum for master students.

Required Courses:

Optional Courses:

Students must successfully complete at least one of the following:

  • SPEC 4015: Topics in Sustainable Development - An International Perspective
  • AGRI 4001: Agriculture, Food and Well-being
  • PHLA 3000: Environmental and Agricultural Ethics