Certificate in Interdisciplinary Health Studies

The Interdisciplinary Health Studies (IDHS) online undergraduate certificate aims to:

  1. Provide a critical, case-based, interdisciplinary perspective on contemporary health issues for students with a broad interest in health.
  2. Develop the following student competencies: critical and systems thinking, problem solving, ethics, communication, holistic perspectives, advocacy and collaboration.
  3. Prepare students for possible future education and careers in health at Dalhousie and beyond.

This program of study will provide an environment for students to develop critical thinking skills that will set the stage for evidence-based practice and critical problem solving. IDHS’s case-based curriculum applies multiple disciplinary lenses to urgent contemporary health issues within each individual course. Students will learn about the breadth of study that is connected with health: social, psychological, physical and spiritual influences on health and avenues for social, physical and political change, while developing essential information gathering, management, analysis, interpretation and communication skills.

IDHS is primarily tailored to non-Dalhousie students and existing Dalhousie students outside the Health Professions who are seeking online courses in health, and a pre-professional exposure to health issues and health professions. Students within the Faculty of Health Professions may take IDHS courses, but non-FHP students will be prioritized and FHP student seats will be capped.

The IDHS undergraduate certificate consists of four required online courses delivered via Blackboard Learn:

  1. Introduction to Health and Health Professions (IDHS 1000);
  2. Introduction to Aboriginal People's Health and Healing (IDHS 2201);
  3. Contemporary Issues in Food Studies (IDHS 3000); and
  4. Contemporary Issues in Rural Health (IDHS 3100).

Admission requirements: Completion of secondary school (Grade 12) with a minimum overall average of 70% in five academic Grade 12 courses, including English (minimum 70%). These criteria apply to all applicants who are not currently Dalhousie students. Current Dalhousie students need to have a minimum GPA of 2.0.