Certificate in Data Science

The following Certificates have been approved for the following Bachelor of Computer Science programs: BCSC, BCSC Co-op, BCSC with Honours, BCSC Honours with Co-op, BCSC Honours Conversion, BCSC Honours Conversion with Co-op:

  • Certificate in Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent Systems
  • Certificate in Bioinformatics
  • Certificate in Communication Technologies and Cyber Security
  • Certificate in Data Science
  • Certificate in Graphics, Gaming, and Media

Certificate in Data Science

This certificate requires a student to take three required courses and three electives from a list of elective courses. Required courses are:

Elective courses are:

  • Either CSCI 3151: Web Intelligence or CSCI 4125: High Performance Computing, not taken as a required course
  • CSCI 3154: Introduction to Artificial Intelligence with Gaming Applications
  • CSCI 4141: Information Retrieval
  • CSCI 4144: Introduction to Data Mining and Data Warehousing
  • CSCI 4152: Natural Language Processing
  • CSCI 4155: Machine Learning with Robotics
  • CSCI 4166: Visualization
  • STAT 2080: Statistical methods for Data Analysis and Inference
  • STAT 3340: Regression and Analysis of Variance


Note that to obtain a certificate, the degree requirements must be satisfied.  To be awarded a Certificate, students must apply to graduate with a Certificate at the time they apply to graduate from their degree program.