Director, School of Architecture

Burnay, D., DiplArch (Tech Univ Lisbon), MSc (Arch) (Univ College London)
Telephone: (902) 494-4128, Email:

Undergraduate Secretary, School of Architecture

Morash-Kent, S., BA, BEd, MEd (St. Mary’s)
Telephone: (902) 494-3971, Email:

Graduate Secretary, School of Architecture

Nightingale, B., Sec.Dip. (CTT)
Telephone: (902) 494-3973, Email:

Director of Career Services, Faculty of Architecture and Planning

Firth, J., BSc, MBA (St. Mary's)
Telephone: (902) 494-6201, Email:

Undergraduate and Graduate Coordinator, School of Architecture

Parcell, S., BArch (Toronto), MArch (Cranbrook), PhD (McGill)
Telephone: (902) 494-3908, Email:

Professors Emeriti

Baniassad, E., BArch (Illinois), MA, PhD (Manchester), FRAIC
Kroeker, R., BES (Manitoba), AA Dipl, ARCUK
Wanzel, J. G., BArch, MArch (Toronto)


Bonnemaison, S., BSc (Concordia), BArch (Pratt), MSc(Arch) (MIT), PhD (UBC). Lightweight and tensile structures, motion studies in architecture, architectural installations, temporary urbanism of festivals, responsive environments and electronic textiles for architectural applications.
Cavanagh, E., BSc, BArch (McGill), PhD (Lehigh). Architectural design (teaching and practice); scholarship in coastal planning and history of technology; production of design-build projects for coastal communities, focusing on innovative construction methods.
MacKay-Lyons, B., BEDS, BArch (TUNS), MArchUD (UCLA), FRAIC, (Hon) FAIA, NSAA, AAPEI, OAA. Private practice design work in private homes, urban design, public buildings, and artificial intelligence software design.
Macy, C., BA(Arch) (Calif at Berkeley), MArch (MIT), Reg Arch (WA). History, theory and criticism of modern architecture, representation of cultural identity in architecture, urban systems and infrastructure, temporary urbanism, lightweight and ephemeral architecture.
Mannell, S., BES, BArch (Waterloo), NSAA, OAA. Building construction, professional practice; the architecture of public works, post-war modern architecture, contemporary architectural criticism.
Parcell, S., BArch (Toronto), MArch (Cranbrook), PhD (McGill). Historical definitions of architecture; interdisciplinary alliances with architecture; history and theory of architectural representation.

Associate Professors

Burnay, D., DiplArch (Tech Univ of Lisbon), MSc(Arch) (Univ College London). Design practice in public architecture, contemporary architecture in the public realm, architectural tectonics.
Lilley, B., BES (Manitoba), AA Dipl. Responsive architecture, material research and computation, public interest design, psychogeography.
Savage, N., BA (Alberta), BEDS, MArch(FP) (TUNS), NSAA. Residential and public buildings, affordable housing; alternative housing models, hard-to-house populations, and therapeutic housing environments.
Venart, C. A. S., Cert. Eng. (Mt. A), BFA (Toronto), MArch (SCI-Arc), AK NWF (prof. reg. Germany). Experiential, spatial, and phenomenological methods of documenting, representing and analyzing site, architecture, urban and natural environments; private design practice; multi-disciplinary design strategies for urban and architectural competitions and projects; publication and exhibition design.

Assistant Professors

Forren, J., BA (Wesleyan), MArch (MIT), Reg Arch (Mass), NCARB. New materials in architecture, high performance building systems, digital design and construction technologies, interdisciplinary design practices, human-environment interface, affective architecture, interactive public art.
Mullin, R., BEDS, MArch(FP) (TUNS). Detailing and significance of materials; landscape and buildings in coastal environments; community partnerships; design-build; representation in documentation, design, and construction.
Parsons, A., BSc (McGill), MES (Dalhousie), SMBT (MIT). Wood technology, wood lot management and the environmental impact of forest management practices, building performance of residential wood frame construction systems, timber frame systems.

Professors of Practice

Fitzgerald, S., BSc (Univ College London), BID (Kwantlen), BEDS (TUNS), MArch(FP) (Dalhousie), NSAA, AAA, AANB, IDNS, FRAIC. Design practice in institutional, civic, residential, and design-build architecture; research in spatial and social dynamics of cities, productive urban landscapes, and comparative models of practice.
Sweetapple, T., BA (Dalhousie), BEDS, MArch(FP) (TUNS), NSAA, AANB, AIA. Design practice in cultural, post-secondary educational, and agricultural buildings; research in school buildings, comprehensive design, public architecture, and material culture.
Verissimo, C., Dipl. Arch (Technical Univ Lisbon), MArch II (Harvard). Design practice in private and public buildings, urban design, and architectural tectonics; research in sustainable materials and eco-efficiency in building construction.


Kelly, P., BSc (Dalhousie), MSc (TUNS). The use of multimedia tools in architectural design, geographical information system, and astroarchaeology (astronomical alignments of ancient structures).

Cross-Appointed Faculty

Palermo, F., BArch (Toronto), MArchUD (Harvard) - School of Planning

Adjunct (FGS)

Cormier, A., BSc(Arch), BArch (McGill), CEA Architecture Urbaine (Paris-Villemin); Univ. de Montréal
Kahn, A.,
BA (Bennington), MArch (Princeton); Columbia Univ.
Thün, G., BA (Western), BES, BArch (Waterloo), MUD (Toronto); Univ. of Michigan

Senior Instructor

Jannasch, E., BEDS (TUNS), MArch(FP) (Dalhousie). History and future of building; relationships between film design and material culture.