Master of Architecture (Post Professional)
Master of Architecture (Post-Professional) is a one-year program for a student who has already obtained a professional degree in architecture. It may be taken through full-time or part-time study. Subject areas each year depend on faculty availability. For available subjects in 2017-2018, please refer to the “Graduate Programs” page on the School of Architecture Website.

Two options are available for completing the MArch (Post-Prof.) program:

  1. 24 credit hours of courses plus a MArch (Post-Prof.)
    Major Project equivalent to 6 credit hours.
  2. 18 credit hours of courses plus a MArch (Post-Prof.)
    Thesis equivalent to 12 credit hours.
  • ARCH 7005.06: MArch (Post-Prof.) Major Project
  • ARCH 7003.00: Continuation - MArch (Post-Prof.) Major Project
  • ARCH 9010.12: MArch (Post-Prof.) Thesis
  • ARCH 9005.00: Continuation - MArch (Post-Prof.) Thesis

Other available courses are listed in the Master of Architecture section and in the Planning section of this calendar.