Mineral Resource Engineering Program


Canada has an abundance of natural resources and is a world leader in mineral and hydrocarbon extraction and processing. Mineral Resource Engineering concentrates on the technical, environmental and economic aspects of the extraction and processing of the earth's mineral resources. It has a strong industrial and research interest in many aspects of this sector. Graduate Studies in Mineral Resource Engineering has specializations in mining and mineral processing.

Specialization in mining and mineral processing engineering

If a student chooses to specialize in mining engineering, opportunities exist for advanced studies in underground and surface mining of coal, oil shales, metals, gold and industrial minerals. Research topics may include rock mechanics, mine design, ground support, field monitoring, optimization, equipment maintenance and many more. A student may also choose to specialize in mineral processing with the focus on the beneficiation of ores.

In addition to the Graduate Scholarships available in the Faculty of Engineering and Dalhousie University, the Mineral Resource Engineering Program also provides a limited number of Research Assistantships to highly qualified candidates. Candidates are suggested to contact individual faculty members for details.