Department Head

Liu, Y., BScE, MScE (Xi’an), PhD (UNB), PEng


Ali, N. A., BSc (Baghdad), MSc, PhD (N Carolina State), PEng, UG Program Chair. Flexible pavement, highways, pavement design and performance, transportation
Fenton, G. A., BEng, MEng (Carleton), MA, PhD (Princeton), PEng, cross-appointment with the Engineering Mathematics Department
Gagnon, G. A., BScE (Guelph), PhD (Waterloo), PEng, Associate Director, Centre for Water Resources Studies, cross-appointment with the School for Resource and Environmental Studies. Water and wastewater treatment, water quality, environmental engineering
Garagash, D. I., BSc (Moscow) MS, PhD (Minnesota),PEng, Reservoir geomechanics and engineering, fault mechanics and earthquake source processes, analytical and numerical modeling, fracture mechanics
Lake, C., BEng (TUNS), PhD (UWO), PEng. Geotechnical engineering, geoenvironmental engineering, geosynthetics performance
Liu, L., BSc (Nankai), MSc (Peking), PhD (Regina), PEng. Geo-Environmental engineering, environmental engineering, environmental modelling and decision-making
Newhook, J. P., BEng, MASc, PhD (TUNS), PEng, Director, Centre for Innovation in Infrastructure. Fibre reinforced polymers, concrete, bridge engineering, structural health monitoring, design and analysis
Satish, M. G., BSc, BECivEng (My.), MEng, PhD (Concordia), PEng. Water resources engineering, numerical modeling of flows, system optimization, open channel flow
Zou, D. H., BSc (CUMT, China), PhD (UBC), PEng. Rock mechanics, nondestructive rock bolt testing, mine design, numerical modelling, tailing disposal, slope stability analysis, well bore stability, geohazards prevention

Associate Professors

Corkum, A., BEng (TUNS), MEng, PhD (Alberta), PEng. Geotechnical engineering, rock mechanics, excavations and rock slopes. Research related to the safe and economical design of tunneling and underground excavations and rock slopes
El Naggar, H., MESc, PhD (UWO), PEng, Graduate Coordinator. Civil construction, Geotechnical and structural engineering and research. Analysis and design of foundations and soil structure interaction of buried infrastructure
Gibson, M.,BA (Sheffield Hallam) MSc, PhD (Strathclyde) Air polution measurements, air dispersion modelling, air pollution health effects ambient air quality, indoor air quality, population exposure assessment receptor modelling, industrial hygiene
Hansen, D., BScE (Guelph), MScE (UNB), PhD (Ottawa), PEng. Undergrad Co-op Advisor hydrology, River hydraulics, flow through porous media, municipal water systems 
Hill, J. D., BSc, MSc (Acadia), PhD (UWO). Mining geology, time domain reflectometry, acid rock drainage
Jones, D. S., DipEng (Memorial), BEng (TUNS), MBA (Western), PhD (TUNS), PEng, Ground control and mine design
Jamieson, R.,BEng (TUNS) MASc (Dalhousie), PhD (Guelph) PEng Hydrology, ecological engineering, contaminant 
Walsh, M., BEng (TUNS), MEng (McGill), PhD (Dalhousie), PEng. Water and wastewater treatment

Assistant Professor

Sadeghian, P., BSc, MSc (Sharif Univ), PhD (Amirkabir Univ), PEng. Fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) composites, mechanics of materials, concrete structures and structural dynamics
Thorburn, J., BSc (UNB), MSc (Alberta), PhD (Dalhousie), PEng, Structural analysis and design, design of steel structures

Adjunct (FGS)

Fam, A. Z., BSC (Alexandria) MSc, PhD (Manitoba) PEng.  Reinforced and prestressed concrete structures, applications of fibre reinforced polymers (FRPs) in new structures, metallic and masonry structures using FRP materials, bi fibers-and resin-composites, analytical and numercal modeling of structures.
Forgeron, D., BEng (TUNS), PhD (Dalhousie), PEng. Fibre reinforced concrete and shotcrete, synthetic fiber reinforcement development and optimization, construction materials and methods
Hills, C., BSc, MSc (Queen Mary College - London), PhD (Imperial College - London). Extension research on the encapsulation and re-use of hazardous wastes and contaminated soils, accelerated carbonation of soil/waste systems, and the use of geomaterials for environmental applications
Kenny, S., BEng, MEng, PhD (Memorial), PEng
Koko, T., BSc, MEng (Nigeria), PhD (UBC), PEng.
Millward, H., BA (Lanchester Polytechnic) MA, PhD (Western).  Research expertise in time-use and space-time activity behavior, related to urban transportation modeling and land-use planning.
Pegg, N., BSc (Guelph), MASc (UBC), PhD (TUNS), PEng.
Rand, J., CAS (Acadia), BEng, PhD (Dalhousie).
Targino, A. C., BSc (Campina Grande), MSc (São Paulo), MSc, PhD (Stockholm University).  Urban climate; air polution in urban environments; human exposure to air pollutants, based on real-time measurement datasets rendered from both fixed and mobile monitoring platforms.
Thomas, M..BSc (U of Nottingham) PhD (U of Aston)
Yost, C., BSC (Victoria), PhD (Calgary). Bacterial genetics, environmental, microbial source tracking, molecular bacteriology, water-borne pathogens.