Master of Arts (MA)

For general admission rules, see the Faculty of Graduate Studies regulations.

  1. Courses and research leading to the MA degree in French are offered in the areas of French and francophone literature, linguistics, second language studies and culture. Candidates must satisfy the general requirements for admission to the Faculty of Graduate Studies and must show evidence of proficiency in spoken and written French. A minimum B+ average (3.30) from a university of recognized standing is required.
  2. Students may be accepted on a full-time or a part-time basis. A full-time student must spend a minimum of one year in full-time graduate study. The minimum requirement to complete the full-time program is one year for holders of a French Honours degree or equivalent, and at least two years for holders of a general degree.
  3. In a one-year full-time program, the equivalent of at least 30 credit hours is required. This will consist of a thesis (usually equivalent to 12 credit hours) plus 18 5000-level credit hours. In a two-year full-time program, students have to attain the equivalent of Honours status (see Undergraduate Calendar) and obtain the additional 30 credit hours as required in a one-year full-time program.
  4. In addition to the 30 credit hours, all MA students are normally expected to take three credit hours in Research Methods. When appropriate, up to six additional undergraduate or graduate credit hours may be required in order to improve the student's proficiency in French. Part-time students carry no more than 15 credit hours during one year. A one-year full-time program corresponds to three years part-time. A two-year full-time program corresponds to six years part-time.
  5. The thesis, written in French, is to be submitted and approved within the time limits set out in the Faculty of Graduate Studies regulations of this calendar.