Department Head

MacDonald, C., BEng (TUNS), PhD (Dalhousie), PEng. Work design, production systems

Professor Emeritus

Das, B., BScEng (Banaras), MSc, PhD (North Carolina State), FIIE, FHFES, FIEE, CEng, PEng. Industrial ergonomics, workstation design, human strength measurement, anthropometric modelling, equipment and hand tool design


Barzilai, J., BSc, MSc, DSc, (Technion). Measurement theory, decision analysis, optimization
Pelot, R. P., BASc (Ottawa), MASc (Alberta), PhD (Waterloo), PEng. Risk analysis, maritime applications, safety and security, environmental modelling

Associate Professors

Blake, J., BASc, PhD (Toronto), PEng. Industrial Engineering, operational research, health application simulation
Cyrus, J. P., BSc (ENG) (UWI), MASc, PhD (TUNS), PEng. Vehicle routing and scheduling, production scheduling, employee scheduling, scheduling interfaces
Diallo, C., BEng, MSc, PhD (Laval), PEng. Reliability, Maintenance, Green logistics, Life-cycle engineering. Undergraduate Coordinator
Johnston, C. R., BSc, MSc (Alberta), PhD (Calgary). Cardiovascular fluid mechanics, design engineering, sports engineering. Cross appointed with Mechanical Engineering
MacDonald, C., BEng (TUNS), PhD (Dalhousie), PEng. Work design, production systems
Venkatadri, U., BTech (IT-BHU), MS (Clemson), PhD (Purdue), PEng. Supply chain management, inventory and production planning, facility planning and design

Assistant Professors

Ghasemi, A., BSc, MSc, PhD (Montreal), PEng. Reliability, condition based maintenance, asset management, planning and scheduling, dynamic programming and stochastic optimization, simulation. Graduate Coordinator
Vanberkel, P., BEng, MASc (Dalhousie), PhD (Twente), PEng. Operation research, healthcare, simulation stochastic models


Nguyen-Quang, T., BSc, MSc (National Polytechnic Institute of Grenoble), PhD (Univ of Montreal and Mechanical Institute of Marseille), Transport Phenomenon, Natural patterns and Complex systems, Biological systems Modelling (cross-listed with Agriculture)
Zaman, Q., BSc, MSc (Univ of Agriculture Faisalabad), PhD (Univ of Newcastle upon Tyne). Precision agriculture, GPS, GIS, Sensors, remote sensing, VPT (cross-listed with Agriculture)

Adjunct (FGS)

Black, N., BASc (Waterloo), MASc (TUNS), PhD (UNB), PEng. (Univ of Moncton). Ergonomics, musculoskeletal injury prevention, human biomechanical modelling, design for physical disabilities, work study
Eiselt, H. A., Dr. rer. pol (Goettingen, Germany), location models, municipal solid waste, decision analysis, mathematical methods in counter terrorism.
Richards, E., BEng, MSc (UNB), PhD (TUNS). Systems Engineering, optimization, Tabu Search, LP, DSS
Sandblom, C. L., Fil.Kand., Fil.Mag. (Lund), PhD (Birm), Modelling and optimization of linear, nonlinear and stochastic systems
Tajbakhsh, M., BSc, MSc (Amir Kabir), PhD (Toronto). Supply chain, inventory and production management, scheduling and OR