D. G. J. Campbell Professor and Head of Department

Baldridge, W. H., BSc (Toronto), PhD (McMaster). Structure and function of the vertebrate retina


Baldridge, W. H., BSc (Toronto), PhD (McMaster). Structure and function of the vertebrate retina
Clarke, D., BSc (Acadia), MDCM, PhD (McGill), FRCS(C), major appointment in Surgery (Neurosurgery). Neuronal survival and regeneration following injury in the central nervous system
Currie, R. W., BSA, MSc, PhD (Manitoba), post-retirement appointment. Heat shock proteins and protection of heart and brain
Darvesh, S., MD (Dalhousie), PhD (UNB), FRCP (C), major appointment in Medicine (Neurology). Synthetic chemistry of neurogenerative disorders
Friedman, A., BSc, MD, PhD (Beer-Sheva). Role of vascular pathology in dysfunction of neuronal networks
Kablar, B., MD, PhD (Zagreb, Pisa). Developmental relationship between skeletal myogenesis, neurogenesis, and osteogenesis
Morris, S., BSc (Victoria), MD (Ottawa), MSc (Toronto), FRCS(C), major appointment in Surgery. Anatomy and physiology of surgical skin and muscle flaps
Neumann, P. E., BA, MD (Brown). Development neurogenetics, pattern formation and experimental neuropathology
Rafuse, V. F., BSc (Acadia), PhD (Alberta). Neuronal development and regeneration
Rutherford, J. G., BA (Cornell), MS (Syracuse), PhD (SUNY), post-retirement appointment. History of mental health care in Atlantic Canada
Schmidt, M., MSc, MD (Toronto), FRCP(C), major appointment in Diagnostic Radiology. Pediatric radiology
Semba, K., BEd, MA (Tokyo), PhD (Rutgers), Graduate Coordinator. Brain mechanisms of sleep and wakefulness
Uher, R., MD, PhD (Charles), CCT (King's College London), major appointment in Psychiatry. Early interventions during psychiatric diseases

Associate Professors

Allen, G. V., BSc, PhD (Dalhousie). CNS responses to brain injury
Iulianella, A., BSc (McGill), PhD (Montreal). Neurogenesis and patterning of vertebrate nervous system
Sinha, G., MBBS (Banaras). Student Advisor to medical and graduate students, Faculty of Medicine
Smith, F. M., BSc, MSc, PhD (UBC). Autonomic control of the circulation
Zhang, Y., BSc (Beijing), PhD (Cornell). Development and function of locomotor neural networks

Assistant Professors

Akay, T., BEng (Egirdir-Turkey), Diploma (Bielefeld-Germany), PhD (Cologne-Germany). Neuronal control of locomotion
Pulakunta, T., MBBS, MD (Manipal). Medical education and human anatomy
Weeks, A., BSc, MD (UBC), FRSC, PhD (Toronto). Brain tumours, invasion, and RNA stress granules

Adjunct (FGS)

Franz-Odendaal, T., BSc, MSc, PhD (Univ of Cape Town, South Africa). The patterning and induction of neural crest derived bones of the skull. Associate Professor, MSVU